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  • Great places to Municycle; Share yours!

    Share your favorite places to Municycle in Oregon.
    Tell us why you like it.
    I'll start out first.

    Bend, Lava Beds.
    I like this place because the terrain is really rough/tough & bumpy it
    gave me something to challenge about. It was a fun trail too!

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    Ok so, I don't live in Oregon, but I love Oregon, I've been there many times, most of my relatives are buried in Oregon (dead, you know). I'm sometimes willing to drive to Oregon to ride a bike or a yike. I plan to do the Hood River Harvest Ride 2011. Not sure if it is a good Coker ride, I may have to do on my recumbent. I know, it's not a good recumbent ride either but I tend to do things the hard way.
    Falling is easy, its not picking the scabs that is hard.


    Oregon Unicyclist Club

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    This social club unites all Oregonians that are starting to learn, ride, or even ride with expertie. Oregon is a great place for adventure and excitement. So if you live in Oregon and you can ride a unicycle, please join. Share your photos, stories and videos with us as the Oregon Unicyclist Club grows!
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