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Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
Maybe it is stage fright.
I think of stage fright as a much larger thing, though that depends on how literally you take the "stage" part. If one is really on a stage, there are implied expectations on the part of the audience to see something you can actually do. That's why they're all sitting there to see it. All of that adds up to more pressures of various types.

But if you're thinking in terms of a more "personal" stage fright, such as not being able to pee in a crowded rest room, yeah. It's like that.
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Originally Posted by Tucson Uni View Post
I was doing some lateral hops on some irrigation boxes and somehow ended up on my side on the ground - saddle in hand and feet on pedals (in front of an audience of course). So I guess I never technically dismounted - so would that be considered a UPD? or do I need a new term?
I did that while playing uni basketball yesterday. I picked the ball up, somehow got horribly off balance, and, unable to get into hands-free hop mode in time, was unable to hop out of it due to the basketball in my hands. I ended up laying on my back (I was able to roll a bit or I might have gotten hurt) with the uni sticking up in the air, the saddle still gripped by my thighs.

I stared up at the sky for about 30 seconds thinking how pathetic what I had just done really was before the sawdust down my shirt got unbearable itchy and I was forced to get up.

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Originally Posted by Pseudonym View Post
Yup, it's pretty basic psychology. If you are a novice at a sport, you get worse with an audience, if you're a pro, you get better.
My first successful 360 unispin was also the first time I tried it with someone watching me.

I also landed several rolling wraps in a row the first time someone watched me do that, having just tried them for quite a while without any success whatsoever.
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Same. I landed my first 3 spin with someone there to watch and encourage. They didn't even unicycle but it helped.
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