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Originally Posted by Smilymarco

it was the Koxx reinforced rim
Wow! It doesn't look as wide as K1 reinforced rim to me. That guy needs 52 mm wide undrilled titanium rim then.
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i almost had a similar incident on the weekend, landed a big 6 set, 4 spokes to the back of my wheel broke off where they go through the hub flange and my wheel looked a small bit similar but just not anywhere near as bad.
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gah, how do you break stuff off a 6 set(no offense, im just curious as to why it broke)

I have done a 9 set and landed at a 45* angle (w/ semi-loose spokes)
NOTHING HAPPENED, I ROLLED AWAY FINE, on a STOCK 05 DX of all things. (thats a 20"BMX rim)
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Lol chillax man, I broke spoked out of my uni at Moab just doin the bigginer comps at the skatepark. Doin a 360 off that wall broke one out the wall was what like 4 ft lol. but I tightened the spoked myself and I suck at it. if oyu just have certain spokes waay to tight thngs like that will happen...
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Originally Posted by skilewis74
... and that guy always hops and lands w/ his left foot forward and never rolls out of his drops, also I bet the spokes weren't tightened regularly.
Yes, and we don't know much about that wheel either. It looked like the rim broke at the valve stem (where the weld or seam is). The valve should not be centered at the bottom of where you always land. If it was, it was only a matter of time before that wheel would cave.

Originally Posted by torkerdx
his skill and dropping height don't match up
That was the impression I got from that video in general. It just goes to show that guts are a very important component to doing those types of moves! I have skills, but a lot less guts. Skills help your equipment last a lot longer, but that wheel probably wasn't anything close to appropriate for the stuff he was doing, and it probably could have used some truing as well.

Originally Posted by squintzaur
I personally love profiles, and I hate how everyone on here hates on them. They are the original hardcore crankset, and they take quite a bit of abuse.
I only hate the way one of mine continues to creak no matter what I try on quieting it down. Ultra-strong and with the best warranty, but they are not the original hardcore crankset. That credit should go to David Mariner (DM), and his "first splined unicycle hubs" (1999) on the ATU and Vortex. Zero creaks.
John Foss

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truebraziliannorwegianbla ckmetal
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talking about rims...

I have a qu-ax since january last year and it has been taken lots and lots and lots of abuse.

the crankset/hub parts are just like when I got it... perfect (except for scratches it doesn`t even squeeks). it really is very strong. the saddle is diyng, but I think I couldn`t avoid that. the frame is all scratched but still strong.

now the rim... like, six months after buying the uni I started going bigger and bigger, and the rim started kneading (is that the right word? I asked google so...) the side walls, and from time to time I have to take the tire off, "unknead" (this was a guess) the rim and rotate the cranks. it really sucks `cause there almost aren`t any parts that are not fucked up.

the conclusion is. qu-ax unis really are unbreakable. except for the shitty rim.


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comparing, price, side, strength, unicycles

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