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+dan's amulet of bling blingin'
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You look like a fireman. A younger fireman, though.
~Alex Brown
Keep your laws off my body, out of my wallet, and away from my bedroom.

Originally Posted by hobo_chuck
Do not underestimate the giant yellow H-bomb in the sky!!
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768 - It's in your DNA
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One more new unicyclist. You've gone through so many changes, Bruce. I remember when you were a 16 year old female unicycling Asian ballerina in that remarkable video a few years ago. Maybe that was someone else. Be sure to introduce yourself to me next time we meet. You may be someone else by then. But then again, what is in the heart has remained unshaven and all will still recognize you. I don't think you could even fool Penelope.
-Greg Harper

Destroying the climate by shutting down nuclear power plants, one by one, since 1979.

Change is good. Bills are better.

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Time To Ride
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I think we need a DNA test to prove those are both Yoopers photos.

After 9-11 we had a couple adjusters who had to shave their beards for masks too. The air near ground zero wasn't too safe. At one point they wanted 100% clean shaven, fortunately by the time I got there in October they weren't so picky on mustaches. I've shaved my upper lip only once in my entire life, and that was when I was still in high school and it wasn't much more than a caterpillar on my lip back them.

Bruce, grow it out and go for the big cheesy walrus mustach. I think it would look good on you and you get to strain your soup straight from the spoon.

Hop Drop & Roll

“If something is too hard to do, then it's not worth doing. You just stick that guitar in the closet next to your
shortwave radio, your karate outfit and your unicycle and we'll go inside and watch TV.” – Homer
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Learn to love it, and sing along.
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No brakes, No limits.........Felix
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Originally Posted by forrestunifreak
My dad has had a beard an mustache like that all my life-I've never seen him without it.
same with my dad too cept i saw aphoto from wen he was younger and it looke really strange
Some unicycles can give nasty pedal bites.....i still have the scars to prove it
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Old 2006-10-15, 11:32 PM   #21
Into the blue
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You remind me of a young Stacey Keach.
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Originally Posted by Harper
I wuld get a 20' trialls uni prolly with a blu tiar.
Get splined an a KH saet or ur a pansy.
Get trials cuz thaz whut i du n u mus wannaa whut i du 2.
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Originally Posted by cathwood
My humble opinion - you look younger now.
Exactly what I thought! Both younger and slimmer. I'm lovin' the new look!
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King of Carnies
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I like it, but its gonna be a little different, but in a week everyone will be used to it, I hope. =p
Just bumming around MR~~~~~~~~~Team Forrest~~~~~~~~~Team Dirty Bird!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Check out my Band.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!Quack!~~~~Team Spencer!~~~Member of the MRIS.
Want some advice? Do better.
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