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Old 2005-06-16, 08:42 AM   #91
Life's a beach
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I thought this thread was worth dragging out of the past, for us new to this group.

I'm an Assistant Psychologist. In 3 years I will be a Psychologist (Phd). For the past 15 years I have been a Paediatric Nurse.

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Old 2005-06-16, 09:36 AM   #92
Small fish, small pond
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My first job was paper boy for the New London Day. Eventually I earned enough to buy a Schwinn Varsity bicycle, and rode it everywhere (including an 8 day trip to Canada with my dad when I was in high school). My second job was farm hand at a farm nursery, which I did for three years in high school. Then I went to college for (successively) computer science, music, and electrical engineering. During my college years I also joined the American Federation of Musicians as a tubist, and during summers worked at a Navy lab doing computer programming and digital circuit design. I did college through ROTC, and my first assignment in the Air Force was to get my Masters in Electrical Engineering with emphases in Communications Theory and Mathematics. After working in speech recognition and synthesis, I left the Air Force to travel worldwide for a couple of years with my wife (now ex). After returning and the breakup of our family I ended up working for the Navy as a contractor developing algorithms and multiprocessor C code to synthesize underwater sounds for submarines. After a stint as an independent developer, I was hit by the dot-com crash and spent some time at Wal-Mart as a deli guy, and at a bike shop as a mechanic. Learning to unicycle during this time was a real help. Now I spend all my time building and riding unicycles, and trying to imagine and help develop the future of unicycling.
Weep in the dojo... laugh on the battlefield.
-- Dave Stockton
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Old 2005-06-16, 12:35 PM   #93
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Headteacher (translation: Principal) of a Primary School (is that Elementary School in the US?).

Anyway, for those not in the UK, my school takes 4-11 year-olds.

And yes, I have delivered a school assembly on the unicycle (on the theme of perseverance).
"If god wanted us to believe in him - he'd exist"
Linda Smith

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I am currently temping for the summer. I just finished my first year of law school and I am spending the summer trying to decide whether or not to go back to it and finish up. I kind of went for the wrong reasons (parent's influence, hated my job at the time, wanted to move back to my home state) So I'm trying to get it straight in my head whether there are enough right reasons to continue to buy a very expensive education that will most likely lock me into mortgage-size loan payments for a very long time. It's not the schooling part I'm worried about, it's the lifestyle afterwards. I run into too many burned out lawyers who were once bright, creative people but who now direct all of their energy into law and have little left over for anything else.

Before law school, I worked for a nonprofit that provides technical (GIS) and other (title searches, recording deeds, management plans) services to local land trusts. Before that I was a conservation agent, enforcing state and local wetlands laws in a town on Cape Cod. Before that, I was an AmeriCorps volunteer, and beofre that I was in college, which I graduated froim with a B.S. in environmental studies and geology, minor in creative writing, poetry. (my true passion)

I have also been:

a landscaper
a pizza cook
a ski instructor

Of these, I enjoyed the last one most. I basically had the same kids every weekend for three seasons in a row and by the end we were in the woods more than we were on the trail.

So now, I'm at this crossroads of trying to decide whether or not to stick it out in law, something I am reasonably good at but which does nothing for the soul, or just chuck it all and start over looking back into writing and english literature- perhaps going back to school for a master's degree in american literature.

Unicycling? I wanted to try and do something harder than law school last semester, and that was what I settled on. I'm also into cycling and had a crazy friend from NYC who got me interested in track bikes, single speeds and fixed gear riding. To me, a uni is the ultimste fixed gear machine. I'm into anything that requires balance, so the uni was a perfect fit there as well.

Nerd? Oh hell yes, I am, but in a good way.
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Old 2005-06-16, 05:01 PM   #95
Budding Coker Pilot
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Talking Geek Unicyclist

I'm a Research Engineer, with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. I am completely and without doubt a geek/nerd. Currently I am working on distance unicycling on my 20" until I get free mounting my Coker down. In the near future I'll be getting a muni, because my life is too devoid of bruises.

- naz
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Old 2005-06-16, 06:20 PM   #96
"Not I," said the duck.
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here's to all the one-wheeled nerds.. and the rest, too!

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for digging this thread up!

I just finished school. I'm a soil scientist looking for work. I'm applying for jobs as a professor and also at places like the forests service.

Before I became a scientist I ran a sculpture studio, for 10 years. I built everything from science center exhibits to architectural ornament. For fun I built several kayaks, a harpsichord (the harpsichord was from a kit) and learned to restore violins, including my very own cello!

I have been proud of my "nerddom" since I was a kid. I'm actually kind of bummed out that I finished school, now I have to get a real job .

It's nice to see what people are doing besides riding. Interesting bunch of people, for certain!

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Old 2005-06-16, 07:50 PM   #97
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Im a student but I become a freelancer when I need cash. I make logos in vector because Flash just owns all, I hate photoshop. I want to get into some webdesign in flash, but Im so used to just HTML.

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They tell me I'm a 'sandwich artist' at my work, but hey, I think I just grill the hot subs. Is lennys sub shop a chain? My mom bought me my first uni when I told her I wanted one a while ago.
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origins, profesions, unicycler

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