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mayby you have an answer Gilby

i asked about this in a thread in RSU a couple weeks ago in a thread and no one could tell me so i thought i would go direct to the source. what is http://www.unicycle-forum.com/unicycling/ and how does it work with this sight or the RSU newsgroup?

this of course is just to suffice my curiosity

-Andrew Smit-
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The RSU forum is gatewayed to the USENET newsgrop with the same name. This person probably just set up another news to web program that imports all the posts and shows them on the web. I am guessing they are doing this to get listed in search engines as there is a mass of information that can be indexed. As you can see on the site, they have links to other sites of theirs and therefore, all of these pages linking to their sites will increase the rankings for their own sites.

- Gilby
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Klaas Bil
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And we don't need that forum in any way, if only because it is almost a month since the last update. The unicyclist.com site is way better. (And the newsgroup is better still, of course - as a Newsgroup Addict I have to add that.)

Klaas Bil
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