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Old 2018-11-07, 10:31 AM   #76
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That's so cool to read this! Congrats!
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Joe Myers
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In snow (especially cold dry snow like you get) you may never need studs in your wheel. Iíve ridden 100s of miles on snow and ice and never used a studded wheel. On a 36 freemounting on ice or on a 36 wheel in a rut on ice will give me issues. On a 24, 26 and 29 without studs I regularly ride steep single track downhill in snow and ice without studs.

Galbraith Snowday

Give it a try...

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Bungeejoe, wow all that riding on snow and ice is impressive. I just went out to have a practice, I missed my first freemount and when I came down on my right foot there was a click in my right calf. I donít Ďt know what that is, probably because I didnít stretch before going out and itís -6c. It is kinda sore and seized up at the moment so I hope to try again tomorrow. Anyhow your information is good news for my winter riding.
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Old 2018-11-08, 04:05 AM   #79
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Mac, congrats on upping the skill level.

I don't have studs on my tires either.
I would run at the lowest pressure you can handle for grip.
Try and keep the riding as smooth as possible to avoid harsh tire torque (slipping).

A few more days of this cold weather and we might end up with snow free frozen lakes up here to ride on.
Nothing like a frozen surface to encourage smooth riding.
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Old 2018-11-08, 04:52 AM   #80
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Hi Ted, way back at the beginning you suggested a tire pressure of 22 psi, which is where I have been since. It seems to be a good compromise for dirt and paved roads. If we do get clear ice for a while Iíll drop the pressure down and try using the lake as a parking lot. A large smooth surface would be a first. The lake in front of my house usually freezes about 19 November but iíll wait till almost the end of the month for some thickness. Riding on the lake sounds like fun, swimming, not so much.
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North Shore ridin'
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Ice can be fun. Read about it on my 'Things not to do' page.

Pad up, because ice is an unforgiving surface to fall on. Even if you have a studded tire, remember your footwear still might slip out from under you on a dismount!
John Foss

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I don't like unicycling, I love it.
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Originally Posted by lowerstackmac View Post
We have had another pretty good snowfall so I guess itís here until April. My uni practice is going to be somewhat limited. I did see a very good post from Saskatchewanian a while ago about studding tires, so I may try that to keep me going for the winter.
I use the same tyre as Saskatchewanian. I have both the 26 and the 29 version of the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro. It is the best winter tyre on snow and ice, but it's no good on bare (icy) asphalt. For that I use the Schwalbe Marathon Winter, which is also a studded tyre, but narrower with less grip. I've made a couple of videos years ago with the Ice Spiker Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ22...XbVo069_BamuLD and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYOO...69_BamuLD&t=0s
UniMyra's YouTube channel
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Old 2018-11-08, 05:11 PM   #83
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UniMyra your video of you riding down and up the snow covered trail is something I can only dream about at this point. That looks like a lot of fun, and hard work. A lot more saddle time is still required by me to be able to do that.
johnfoss, thanks for the riding on ice tips. Youíre right, falling on ice could be disastrous, I donít bounce very well, I never did. I will definitely add some padded shorts and elbow pads to my armour before I try ice. I also have some ice gripper soles that I put on my boots for ice fishing that might work as a mounting/dismounting grip aid. They are also available for shoes as well which might be a better choice. ĎThings not to doí is pretty amazing to say the least.
My right calf says Iím not riding today, or walking without my foot being turned out sideways. I think a couple more days and Iíll be good to go again.
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