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Foss, JohnX
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RE: tire advice

[color=blue]> I'm amazed at how quickly the tire on my 24" Schwinn is wearing out. After[/color]

Congratulations on all the good practice you're probably doing! If you ride
straight most of the time, your tire will last a lot longer, but then you should
be on a bicycle. Learning spins & things like that will wear out your tire real
fast. Back when I did Freestyle and trained outdoors, I would go thru a tire a
week before the competitions.

[color=blue]> Any recommendations for a good street tire? My Schwinn came with a Kenga[/color]

The Kenda tires are inexpensive and decent, but usually pretty soft rubber.
They're great indoors because they won't make marks. I don't know offhand
of a specific tire for 24" that is long-lasting. The old black tires on the
old Schwinns were tough, but you could write your name on a gym floor with
them. Plus, if you're doing lots of spins & turns, any tire will wear out
pretty quickly.

On rotation: Try to get the tire rotated *before* you lose the tread on the wear
points. Once the tread is gone, you won't get much life from the tire, even
after rotation.

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone http://www.unicycling.com
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Rick Bissell
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Happy Uni-year!

I'm amazed at how quickly the tire on my 24" Schwinn is wearing out. After only
three months I've almost worn away the tread on the two pedal-down locations on
the wheel. The wear seemed to accelerate when I started riding more on

I'm going to "rotate" the tire by letting the air out and slipping the tire 90
degrees to move the common wear points to a new location. Anyone else do this to
extend tire life?

Any recommendations for a good street tire? My Schwinn came with a Kenga
white-wall. I like the white-wall and the tread pattern that it has. I'd
probably buy another one, but I was wondering if there is a more durable tire
available or something specifically made for a unicycle.

Rick Bissell
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