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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
I know a lot of unicyclists that are perfectly happy with just one unicycle. And they are both happy […]
Sorry but this made me smile
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one wheeled cycling
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Originally Posted by ruari View Post
Sorry but this made me smile
misquoting at it's finest... But still kinda funny. (In case anyone wonders, both was meant to be referring to beeing happy and beeing better at riding)

Nevertheless to find out which wheel size fits you best, you do need to try most of them and spend a lot of money
I'll argue against that. You can be happy with what you have, without wanting to try anything else. A lot of Trials/street/flat/freestyle riders only have one "real" uni. (I wouldn't count the beginner uni almost every unicyclist owns.) Because they know what they want to do, and just do that. And no, they probably don't feel like they are missing out on anything.

Don't overcomplicate things.
I do: Trials, Flat, Street, Downhill. Sometimes Freestyle.
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Once you get a few unis it becomes tempting to customise them.

One of my favourites is my 26 because I built it as a lightweight roadster. No brakes. Looks mean and simple. Only weighs 5 kg. Rides like a small uni but much faster.

KH frame, Nimbus Dominator2 wheel and an ultra lightweight folding bead Maxxis DTH tyre. I used the Dominator wheel despite it being marginally heavier than the KH rim because I like its all black look, with no rim cutouts and no machined brake surface plus being narrower it made for a slightly larger rolling diameter. 114 Venture cranks. The original KH wheel has an off-road tyre and Moment 125/150 cranks. I can swap the wheels in a couple of minutes.

My 29 has a Dominator wheel in a KH frame. Once again, narrower rim and no cutouts. Maxxis Torch tyre. Venture 125s. Magura brakes. I also have another 29 wheel with the wider KH rim with an off road tyre and 150 Moments.

The 36 is a glorious sight with a Titanium frame, all black Dominator2 wheel, Spirit cranks, disc brake, flat carbon fibre saddle and short KH bars. One day the original wheel will be fitted with an off road tyre I have in my collection.

My road 20 is QuAx Profi wheel with a Hookworm tyre, black double wall rim, 48 black spokes and a red ISIS hub and 100 mm cranks. Indestructible. Red saddle clamp to match. I only paid $50 for the uni. I ride it as fast as I can down moderate slopes to build up my cadence. I put the wheel in the Quax Luxus frame.

My indoor 20 is the QuAx Luxus wheel in the square shouldered Profi frame. I rebuilt the wheel with stainless spokes. All polished chrome and aluminium with a white tyre, a gold saddle clamp and matching valve cap. It originally cost $60 and was only $24 for the new spokes.

My trials is an old KH frame with a surprisingly attractive distressed red paint job it came with when I bought it. I fitted it with a gorgeous Impact Athmos wheel (white rim without cutouts). OBR Gekok tyre. Only paid $75 for the Athmos. The old Onza wheel is now in the Athmos frame. It has a short seat post so I have two trials machines for teaching different sized learners.

The 27.5 is a recent model KH with Spirit hardware, Zero saddle and a disc brake.

There are more, including a Nimbus giraffe and two UWs. Still trying to work out how to tackle them. The little no-brand I learnt on, a Club in need of love that came free to a good home with the giraffe, the eSport and an LX Torker 24.

Not so many really, is it?
Triton 36" + 29" | KH 29" | KH 26" | Nimbus eSport Race 24" | Torker LX 24" | Qu-Ax Luxus 20" | Qu-Ax Profi 20" | KH Onza 19"

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Matt B,
The size of uni that would work best for you really depends on how fast your dog likes to travel. Assuming a comfortable cadence of 110 RPM the uni speeds would be 20" ~ 6.5mph, 26" ~ 8.5mph, 29" ~ 9.5mph, 36" ~ 11.8mph.

I was in the same situation as you, I rode a 24" as a kid and after a 50 year break I picked up a 36'er" a little over a year ago specifically for road riding. It has worked out great and I'm glad I did not get anything smaller. For road riding and covering some distance and 36'er is hard to beat but I do not have a dog that has to keep up with me.

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Matt B
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Sure do appreciate all the info from my original post. I understand where all you are coming from, no matter if you call it black, white or gray. I grew up on skis (both alpine and x-country). Got only 2 pairs (1 alpine and 1 for x-country). I can come down probably on a pair of wood boards better than 95% of the people on the hill as I can adapt very fast to what I have under my feet (to quote a couple posters). But unfortunately my current uni skills are no where near my skiing skills, and I know it is the rider skills that count the most.
Right now I have a 20 year old Schwinn 20" that I got off Craigslist for $15 (Seller said $30 or $15 if you can ride it). It was never ridden (like new) and he gave me 3 tries (since it had been almost 50 years since I had been on one). The second try I was ridding (with the seat 6" too low), so $15. It has no grab handle on the seat, steel rim, 1.75 tire, steel cotterless crank, etc. I just bought it to see if I still enjoyed ridding as I did 50 years ago before spending real $$$ for one.

Yesterday, on a trail, one of the larger tree roots bit me (pedals at 6 and 12), boy did I go over the top fast (not a UPD, so I DO need to buy some safety gear) and on softer ground, I go in deep (not 60lbs, like when i was 9 years old). So I am sure anything I get will be an improvement off road from what I have now.
I was shocked on what a workout I got on EASY trails. Being a beginner, I am sure I was making it much harder than need be. But it sure was a challenge, intense concentration, and FUN!!

The typical beginners 20 and 24 uni's seem easy to find, but the more serious larger ones, much harder. You guys did get me thinking about 1 uni with 2 sets of wheels.

BTW- I went back over that same trail (and that bigger tree root) later that day, and with success ..... another small victory, but a victory!!!! Wish there were other riders here I could learn from, I could use it.

Going to go for a 26" that can accommodate 2 sets of wheels (if I decide later to add a 2nd set).

Again, thanks to all. It was helpful!!!
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Matt B
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Location: michigan
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Originally Posted by JimT View Post
Matt B,
The size of uni that would work best for you really depends on how fast your dog likes to travel. Assuming a comfortable cadence of 110 RPM the uni speeds would be 20" ~ 6.5mph, 26" ~ 8.5mph, 29" ~ 9.5mph, 36" ~ 11.8mph.

Thanks Jim. I learned on a 24" too. Was way too big for me at the time, but what I had.
I was wondering what a typical uni cadence was. I did the same calcs using a 90RPM cadence. And converted it to "x" minutes/mile for the dog for each size wheel. The 36" was out of her comfort range for a longer ride/run.

She is well trained so will go whatever slower speed i go, but seems to like the trails in the woods behind us best. She knows she can do what she wants there (until I call her) and I go slow enough she gets "squirrel chasing", "a fast swim" in the creek or ponds, etc in too.
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Matt B
Join Date: Mar 2019
Location: michigan
Age: 60
Posts: 9

Just looked at your age and pic.........very inspiring to us over 60 beginner (again) guys!!!!
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buy, type

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