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Re: average/expected speed per tire size?

Originally posted by shapr
Will I be able to keep up with a bicycle on a 24" MUni?

AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ok, lemme put it this way, you'll work hard to keep up with a fast jogger. bikes are out of the question.

I got the poo on me! -Joe Dirt
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Memphis Mud
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Originally posted by aspenmike
Once you add uphill the bicycle/unicycle match becomes more even, and allot of the times, in the favor of unicyclers. In 2002' in a 10 mile race up Indenpendance Pass, with a elevation gain of nearly 3000' feet, I beat 187 bicyclist out of 335 total. I was on my Coker. My time was 1:03.
Those poor misled bikers are Girlymen (and Girlywomen) because they've been coasting some % of their ride (making them soft) while you've been pedalling 100% of the time (making you strong). On the uphills, everyone pedals 100% of the time. Our training pays off. Of course, if the hill gets too steep, they've got grannygears...but that's a different story.

Lance is allowed to differ. I don't remember ever seeing him coast, except on trecherous downhills.

AspenMike: Averaging 10 miles per hour, uphill for 10 miles...very nice.
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Old 2013-12-28, 01:37 AM   #18
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I hit 10.9mph (cycle computer) on my impact uni. New creepy crawler tire and 140mm cranks....
5.7mph average over 1.251 miles.

[I had to carry a bag of empty grocery bags to the grocery store to recycle.
I barely hit over 9mph when I was going there]

It was amazingly tiring(partially because I had to stand up and ride a lot of the ride since the saddle was so uncomfortable and low and hard)

I measured myself riding 3 revolutions: 1547mm / revolution.
That translates my max cadence on that uni at 189 rpm.

On my 29er with 89mm cranks, I could only push myself to 15.3mph, 185rpm.

(these are both first tries at going fast on these set-ups)
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Dane M
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This is a 10 year old thread harry. You might make a new thread with this info, I'm sure other guys would post their speeds in it as well.
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I certainly didn't expect to get this reply ten years later! But hey, it's good information!
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average or expected, size, speed, tire

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