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Old 2014-08-01, 09:18 AM   #16
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Hi WheelGO

Could you please tell me what the rough range is please?
I'm not sure if its actually posted anywhere, I couldn't see it...

If I had a couple more weeks to save/prepare I'd join you on your Snowdon ride
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Old 2014-08-01, 09:32 AM   #17
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OK. So how do you hop?

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Old 2014-08-01, 09:34 AM   #18
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Hi Juni, on relatively flat terrain, with a 70kg rider, the expected range is about 31km or just under 20 miles. Of course in the real world this figure varies somewhat as the two variables are factored in.
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Old 2014-08-01, 09:59 AM   #19
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Cool, thanks for the fast reply

Good luck with your Snowdon challenge!
Please keep us posted on how it goes
Quote Uni57: Unicyclists are the nicest people! Both on and off the Internet.
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Old 2014-08-01, 05:55 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by ubernerd View Post
However, I'm just not sure I see the point of an e-unicycle, though. None of us rides them as a better or more efficient way to commute or carry cargo. So.... why make a powered version?
Unicycles are generally smaller than bikes, so they are more easily transported on trains, buses (and planes?) during a commute, and stored in offices. The e-unicycle is even smaller and doesn't require any pedaling, so that might work well for somebody who doesn't want to get sweaty during their commute. I wonder if you could board an airplane with the e-unicycle as a carry-on?

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Old 2014-08-01, 06:46 PM   #21
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I want to clarify (again) that I have no problem with ebikes or eunicycles as commuters. That's great.

It's when you start bringing them on designated hiking/biking trails that I believe they have no place.

When I say they'll hurt our sport, I'm not necessarilly talking about unicycling directly, but mtb. If the industry keeps pushing e*mountain*bikes, we may begin to see trail closures.

As far as the elderly and handicapped go, I think it's a gray area. A 70 year old guy can ride a motorcycle too, but those are also not legal on most trails (around here), so I tend to say they may be SOL.

But what do I know, wheelGO you're right, I'm definitely not a genius. Have fun with your *assault* of Mt. Snowdon. I hope you at least break a sweat lifting it out of your car.
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Old 2014-08-01, 07:43 PM   #22
Uni Lateral
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lol...having just climbed up and unicycled down Snowdon last weekend I wish this offer had come sooner! It was a tough old slog.
I wonder how agile these electric units are? Riding up large tracts of the mountain trail will be impossible unless you're going to ride alongside the train track?
I followed the Llanberis Path...I had to carry the uni up as it was too tough for me to ride uphill on such tricky terrain. Down hill requires you to be fairly competent riding down steps...I wasn't at the top but my god by the time I reached the bottom I had it aced
I hope they're not too heavy if any carrying is required.

Best of (British) luck to you WheelGO in your endeavour.
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Old 2014-08-01, 11:33 PM   #23
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they need a gasoline version with a little high reving zenoah engine with a expansion pipe, I would love to ride that past some busybodys house or by some hippys spewing black smoke.
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Old 2014-08-02, 09:55 AM   #24
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Uni_Lateral, thanks for the feedback. Had originally intended to have a try with Ben Nevis, but the ratio of track to steps was not favourable (not to mention it's a good 4hrs further away from London.

The 1,300 watts should be more than enough power, by way of comparison, a good cyclist can sustain about 250watts, but I don't have any illusions about the need to carry it over the more difficult sections. Total weight is about 12kg, while not impossible to lug around, is much more pleasurable riding than carrying.

UnibabyGury, some airlines have restrictions on the capacity of Li-ion batteries that can be taken aboard as carry-on. A couple months ago, I did some random checks with the major carriers, & for the most part, fits within the permitted allowances.
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Old 2014-08-02, 04:29 PM   #25
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The problem I see is it has a lot of power, but it's so far below your center of mass there will be no way to hang on to the thing. A proper unicycle has a seat to deal with center of mass. Sure it works fine on smooth ground, but a bumpy surface with such a small wheel => eating dirt.
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Old 2014-08-02, 06:30 PM   #26
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It's a good question: the pedals incline at a bit of an angle when exceeding 12kph. This design is intended to alert the user of their speed & somewhat limit the damage if they hit a nasty bump or pot-hole.

Gravity does a pretty good job at keeping the feet affixed to the pedals. These aren't experimental devices: in Asia, our manufacturer alone has sold nearly 100,000 units in the past couple years.
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Old 2014-08-03, 10:59 AM   #27
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Are there any videos of it in action? or is that the point of this expedition? While i don't think i'll be buying one, i'm definitely curious to see what it can do!
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