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UPD in Utah
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"Official" 24" Muni Tire/Tyre Review Thread


I was reluctant to start this thread because there's plenty of good information about 24" Muni Tires buried in other threads, but that's the problem -- reviews of 24" Muni Tires are buried all over the place. Consequently, I figured they need a home of their own ... so here we are!

Additional motivation for starting this thread came from trying out a few different tires on my 29er, and realizing what a difference the tire makes in overall performance.

Also, I bought a 24x3" Felt BermMaster about 6 months ago (for $25 at my LBS) and found it to be an viable alternative to the Duro Wildlife 24x3, which comes standard on most 24" Munis these days. Although I like the fact that it's 155g lighter than my well worn Duro (1,155g v. 1,310g), I'm not thrilled by it's highly rounded cross-sectional profile, and it's relatively thin/soft sidewalls. However, others seem to be very happy with it (see: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77574), and I find it to be quite rideable.

Still, after experiencing how well the Maxxis Ardent 29x2.4" works on my 29er, I'm wondering if there might be some better, lighter, alternatives in 24" tires.

After spending a bit of time searching the internets, I was wondering if any of you all have tried any of the following tires, and what you thought of them compared to the Duro Wildlife:

Schwalbe Table Top HS 373 in 24x2.25" at 560g (see http://www.schwalbetires.com/bike_ti...ires/table_top)

Maxxis High Roller in 24x2.5" at 1100g (see http://www.cambriabike.com/shopexd.asp?Item=100014995 as it does not appear to be listed on the Maxxis site any more)

Intense DH 24x3" from Uniproshop which may still be available for $39.95 (See http://www.uniproshop.com/)

So, are there any other lighter 24" tires out there that you know of that are suitable for semi-technical Muni, and how do they stack up relative to the Duro? Thanks for the insights.


UPD in Utah

(Note: I didn't mention the Gazz 24x3", because it appears to no longer be available here in the U.S.)

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UPD in Utah
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Maxxis High Roller

It looks like I was wrong on the 24" High Roller not being on the Maxxis site anymore -- I just couldn't find it with their search feature.

Here's the link with the full details: http://www.maxxis.com/Bicycle/Downhill/High-Roller.aspx.

According to Maxxis, it comes in both a 2.50" width at 1,080g, and a 2.70" width at 1,285g, both with wire beads.

The 2.7" is close in weight to my well-worn Duro Wildlife 24x3. I wonder how it performs. Any one ridden Muni on it yet?
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Nurse Ben
XC Muni
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Intense DH 24x3"
This is a great tire, the preferred muni tire for some folks, has great edge bit, nice and firm, more tread and a more resilient feel (read as stiff) casing than the Duro, lasts a long time. Alex rode one on his 24", I rode the narrower version (2.5/2.7) on a 26er. It is heavy, 1400-1500gm. I don't know that Uniproshop still has them...

Since the Duro is a good tire, I's think that the only advantage of going with a different tire would be weight reduction, a narrower profile, or a longer lasting tread.

I'm riding an Arrow Savage Racing 2.6 on my 26er and it's a nice tire, slightly lighter than the 3" and it handles well, a tad quicker and faster, simialr in size to an Ardent 2.4
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Twente Muni
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Schwalbe Big Betty 24 x 2.4

I had a Schwalbe Big Betty 24 x 2.4 on my 24 for a while.
It has a good grip and a good size, the width is 62 mm.
It got about 1.2 kg of my rotation weight, just with this tire and a smaller tube.
My Duro is 1750 grams and the tube was 450 grams.
The Big Betty is 800 g and an normal tube about 200 g.

This gives a totally different feel to the uni, much faster and responsive.
Very little rolling resistance.

However, I missed the tank like feeling of a 3" tire, so now I have a Gazza.

When I want to go faster, I just take the 29er.
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Old 2012-10-30, 07:28 PM   #5
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A am still a beginner, so take this for what it is worth. I have a cheap unicyle that came with a 24 x 1.85 tire. I mostly ride in the meighbohood. My goal is to ride muni on the local trails and have started riding some of those sections on the weekends. Anyway, I am very suprised by the difference tires make on a uni. I didn't feel that the OEM 24 x 1.85 tire felt substantial under my 200+ pounds, so I installed a Maxxis High Roller 24 x 2.5. The High Roller made turning on pavement much more difficult. It also took a lot more effort to go up small hills in our neighborhood. It made mounting much easier.

Last night I put on a newly purchases Kend Kiniption 24 x 2.3. This tire seems much faster than the High Roller. It also seems less stable, but much easier to turn. Mounting is much different than with the High Roller. Where the High Roller seemed like it was content to just sit there, the Kniption wants to move quickly. I am not sure if this is caused by the weights of the tires, the tread pattern, or the profile. My guess would be that the differences are mainly caused by the profile. the High roller is very square, while the Kniption is very, very round. I will try to take the Kniption to the trails this weekend.

Again, I am a beginner, so factor that in to views of the tires.
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Try-All are on the verge of releasing there Stiky tyre in a 24" which should hopefully be a decent muni tyre and also Continental have got a 24" black chili proto on test which would also be a great buy if they do decide to release it.
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