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Old 2019-03-10, 01:49 AM   #8086
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Today I was riding uphill on a snow path and at the top a father and daughter. When I pass by he says “she’s very impressed as she’s hard time with two wheels “ and to his daughter “you see, it’s practice and more practice “. I did agree with him!
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Some lyrca warriors were held up by me on a crowded cycle path, I was pending somewhat hard and doing about 19kph (29" with 127mm cranks). When they got past one said "impressive cadence". I think that was a compliment. All I could come back with was "I have no choice"....

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Old 2019-03-12, 01:43 PM   #8088
Viva la revolucion!
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Guy on a mountain bike: "Is that as hard as it looks?"
Me: "Dang, I was trying to make it look easy!"

Later on, some young guys rode by, one on a single speed bike, the other on a skateboard. I overheard one of them say "B.Y.O.W." (Bring your own wheel?) I'm not sure he was referring to my unicycle...
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Old 2019-03-12, 07:15 PM   #8089
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Assorted comments:

As I was putting my guards on a large group of ~ 8 y/o scouts approached.
And they stuck around just across the road for making a piece of wooden-stick-art. Then a kid noticed me and all hell broke loose: Screams and shouting
"A unicycle!!!!!"
"Get on"
"Can you ride it?"
"Show us"
"Ride it"
Best of the bunch:
"can I have your autograph?"

Came "downhill" on a narrow muddy path and as I dismounted for safety I got into a conversation with a dad and his three kids.
At a given moment kid to his dad: "Can you do that?"
I saved him by saying: "yes off course, with a little practice"
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Old 2019-03-13, 10:35 AM   #8090
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Though this is not related to my unicycling, this old lady might have said the same thing if I had just been learning to ride uni.
Recently I bought a waveboard, a skate board with 2 wheels. I had never before been on a skateboard and saw this as a nice new challenge. At the start of each training session, I just have to get the feel and yesterday this old lady came by with her dog and said "Daar moet je vroeg mee beginnen!" (meaning "You have to start early with it"), implying that now I am too old to learn. Thanks old lady!

Nearing the end of the training session, the little skateboard wheel blocked because of a tiny twig on the cycle path, which sent me flying through the air and I thought "If only I had stuck to riding unicycles, then this wouldn't happen" Also balancing on a 2 wheel skateboard is nothing like balancing on a uni. My wife got the hang of it way before me and she doesn't want to ride uni as it scares her. A uni gives much much more control than a board with wheels without a brake.
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Old 2019-03-17, 06:29 AM   #8091
North Shore ridin'
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Today was a gorgeous, sunny day on the American River Bicycle Trail, with loads of people everywhere. Everyone seemed very talkative as well. Presented in the order that they happened:
  1. From a bald guy, perhaps around my age, straddling his bike just outside our starting point at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery: "I gave that up in high school, man." -- I replied "Don't give up -- it's not too late!"
  2. From one of two women who were walking in the opposite direction: "Okay, you are the coolest cyclist out here!" -- only a few seconds later, a pair of road bikers came down the other side, and one of them said "Cool". It must be true!
  3. From a (probably teenager) on a bike: "Daaaaaaaaamn!"
  4. Two guys on road bikes, riding in the opposite direction, who hadn't even noticed me yet: "Who are all these people on MY bike trail?" -- These things are usually quite brief, as we're going opposite directions. I would have like to counter with "And who are all these bicyclists on my unicycle trail?"
John Foss

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." -- Leonard Nimoy
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Old 2019-03-17, 03:23 PM   #8092
Viva la revolucion!
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Location: Aliso Viejo, California
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This is the best thing that's happened in my day!

The other day I was practicing on my 20" in the park. I struck up a conversation with some neighbors. They were very impressed with the unicycle. One of them was a guy, about my height. He asked me a question related to learning the unicycle. I decided to let him try my unicycle.

He was not wearing safety gear and I didn't want him to fall. So I tried a particular approach. I placed the unicycle on the grass. I told him to place both hands firmly on the seat in front of him (without attempting to sit on it), then place one foot on the 6:00 positioned pedal, then slowly lift up the other foot, avoiding being in a hurry, and bring it to the 12:00 pedal. I told him not to worry about trying to ride, just to stay balanced up there for a second, then hop off. I demonstrated the technique, pointing out that there was very little safety concern as long as I kept both hands on the seat.

He did it!!! And it was apparent that he knew he did it. He stayed on for a couple seconds and succeeded in rolling forward a bit. On another attempt, he idled back and forth a few times while trying to stay balanced.

The guy and a woman neighbor and I were literally dancing for joy. He was so happy and we were so happy for him. He said "I have to go out and get a unicycle." Then he made the comment about this being the best thing that happened in his day.

One of his friends entered the park, and we had that friend try the same thing on the unicycle. No luck. The new guy was shorter, and I assumed the height of the seat interfered with his success. Maybe he was not able to get his center of mass over the hub while balancing...because he could not get his second foot off the ground.

I told the first guy he might not learn to ride using only that approach and there were other approaches. I backed up to a chain link fence, held my arms out, grabbed the fence, let go, leaned forward, launched...another approach. I told him I did not want him to try that approach because of the probability of him having a bad fall.

I am wondering if the method I described above is a legitimate way to learn unicycling. The conventional way of learning already has problems. Imagine learning to ride a bike, but not being able to use your hands on the handle bars. The conventional method forces the rider to rely on wildly flailing arms for balance to stay balanced on the unicycle. The SIF/6:00 method forces the rider to learn to pedal the unicycle under them for balance. Also, the conventional method turns the unicycle and rider into a two-mass system with a a loose connection between the rider and unicycle. The SIF method simplifies the physics by turning the rider and unicycle into a single mass. The rider is forced to put the balance into their hips, right from the beginning of the learning process, rather than learning with flailing hands then either learning-later or never-learning to get it into their hips.

My question is: Could someone learn to ride using primarily this method? That means they'd learn to ride two-handed SIF before they ever rode with the seat under them. My guess is that it's possible, but that it might take longer.
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Old 2019-03-17, 05:45 PM   #8093
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Cool story pueblo!

I had my best ever "you're missing a wheel comment" today! Because it was genuine! I was riding on the sidewalk on my way back home, came up to a family with a couple of kids on b**es. One of them looked at me and said to the group, genuinely surprised and sad for me: "the gentleman has lost half his bike!!!".
That was the cutest comment ever!
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Old 2019-03-18, 08:09 AM   #8094
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Got "You're a samurai, sir!" from a fat bike rider. It was clearly a compliment as he looked very skilled and at the same time very impressed to find me on their playground, a large fat bike / country skying park.
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Peace on Earth Unicycle Club
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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
"And who are all these bicyclists on my unicycle trail?"
The best off-road answer would be: "Why are you riding two wheels on a singletrack?"
"I don`t like Carpaccio tires"
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