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Thumper uni
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Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
The qu ax multi tool looks good I don't know the cost or how big it is , I usually only carry a couple of Allen keys so far I haven't needed more than this.
This is the most stupid thing you have ever purchased. "WIFE"
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Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
Local cycle shops are all big on the Park brand of cycle tools. Are they really the best, or is there some sort of kickback, incentive for them over other brands? Is another brand better?

How good are the QU-AX tool kits I listed above? As good as the Park brand?
I have been a bike mechanic for 35 years. In that time I have used a lot of tools from various companies, and for the most part Park tools have been substandard. Given a choice I prefer VAR, Eldi (Unior now), or Cyclus tools to Park. Unfortunately, being in the US makes european bike tools difficult to get.

Certain Park tools like bike repair stands are excellent. Park crank extractors are great. Other tools are made from metal that just wears out, or is brittle. I don't no how many broken Park pedal wrenches I've seen (at one shop I worked in we had 3 broken ones), but I know that I've never seen a broken Eldi pedal wrench.

For general purpose mechanics tools such as allen wrenches you are generally better off getting tools from the hardware store.
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Up Rite
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My shipment of cycle tools arrived.

Was hoping to do the final fixing on my KH trials uni, and then get back to more frequent practice sessions.

When I opened the package, what was supposed to be all new. Some were used, and one of them damaged and dirty. Very lame

I contacted the vendor, and they said brand new stuff was on the way.
When I contacted them, they thought I was another customer who was also sent a used faulty item instead of the new part they ordered. That did not leave a very good impression, and makes me hesitant to order anything from them again.

I probably should not mention the name of the business at this point, will see how it goes with rectification of this.

Very dissapointing.

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Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
I learned long ago to make detailed systematic notes, keep journals, make goals and plans and revise them and to refer back to them on many things I do.

People often fail in business and other challenging ventures because they do not take notes, plan, or otherwise do their homework properly.

Unicycling is a challenging task that a very small minority of those that try it pick it up quickly and naturally. I am definitley not one of them.
I am definitely not a natural, it took me longer to ride off a wall than every single person I have taught to ride. It still only took around 14 days before I could freemount and ride because I practised riding up and down a wall 25-40 mins a day every day 14 days.

One of the hardest things I learnt was the freemount, I watched soo many video tutorials to try and work out the secret that I wasn't getting that they all knew the answer to. In the end I took my unicycle to a wide open space where I had no wall to grab on and achieved it in about 15 minutes (I had previously practiced in a small space but couldn't get it). The secret that I was missing was that you need to do it repeatedly until your mind works out how to keep the balance and you are able to ride off.

You can't be "taught" how to learn that, you said you have been trying to ride for months and cant get idle free mount or ride off the wall. I think if you focused more on riding every second day for 30 minutes you would find you could actually ride and idle and freemount in 2 weeks. Instead you are focusing on what is the ideal tyre pressure.

Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
Very sloppy and unprofessional. Sounds more like weekend warriors out having fun, which is OK, than serious competition.

This would change if a lot of money or other highly motivating factor to win was at stake. Two identical riders of equal skill and determination, the one with the precisely tuned hardware who payed close attention to all the details, big and small, would be the clear victor.

If I was competing to win, I would want my hardware, body, and mind dialed in optimally. I would want every factor that my support team and I could think of to give me every possible advantage to beat everyone else on the day of the competition.
It is true that if two riders have identical skills then it is likely the rider with better tuned equipment will win. However someone who spends all their time riding and not TALKING about riding will be so far ahead of your skill even if you know "36PSI is better than 34 PSI". In this sport the best riders are those who have done huge amounts of hours on a range of setups, if you spend all your time talking about riding you don't actually improve despite that knowledge. Most elite riders spend all their time riding and as Finn said they work out their tyre pressure by feel.

Extremely skilled riders often have a sixth sense due to so many hours on their unicycle. The best street riders don't need to mark rev's for doing tricks at skateparks. They ride at the object, work out how many revs away they are and adjust as they go towards it with a half rev or angle their run at it. If they spent their time using chalk to mark where to start they wouldn't have that ability, they wouldn't have flow and they wouldn't look as good. Or if it rains and the chalk got washed away in a comp they could still compete without it. Yes it is less scientific, but there are also some benefits in a sport that is not always so clear cut.

Also mentioned by someone was that if you train with a range of different tyre pressures (and also wheel sizes, tyres, crank size etc) you become a better rider usually than someone who only ever uses one setup. You learn to adapt as necessary, in disciplines like muni that is HUGELY advantageous.

Also if there is ever a malfunction of equipment the riders can use someone elses unicycle and still win
  • Chris Huriwai became street world champion in 2014 competing 2/3 of the competition on someone elses unicycle
  • Pierre Sturney became european trials champion in 2017 riding two completely different unicycles and changing his tyre pressure throughout by feel to suit the obstacle
Same goes for a muni rider who can use many different pressures or crank lengths.

And then there is the problem of what is an ideal setup? Until we do scientific testing to compare energy efficiency and power output of crank lengths, seat heights, tyre pressures and wheel sizes, and the difference of these variables based on rider size and weight (which you will later claim is corrupt and part of the unicycle manufacturers of the world's attempt to make us ride specific products) you cannot know what is an ideal setup.
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