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I tried lower pressure and it was almost unrideable, so I bumped up to its rated max (36psi/2.5 bar) and suddenly it's fine. It's not better than the fat frank but it's not bad. It turns nicely and is no longer overly affected by camber.

The fat frank on the other hand works well on a wider range of pressures and has a much higher rated max (60psi/4 bar), plus it's lighter. It's also much easier to come by (at least in Norway).

I think the fat frank would therefore be a better option in most cases but if you are willing to have it pumped hard and want something with a different look (the beach bum comes in a range of colours, with and without white walls) then this tyre could be an option.

Since its working ok for me now, I'll leave it on a little longer so I can sport a new look.

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Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Oslo (Risløkka), Norway
Age: 41
Posts: 106
Ok, I think I might have jumped the gun and judged the “Beach Bum” too harshly. I went out for a longer ride with my daughter and it felt great now that it was fully inflated. I also tried my short reference route again at speed and actually got around it faster than I ever have on the 26”er (or my 28”er for that matter).

Hmmm… though that could also just be that I am getting quicker with practice, added to a placebo effect causing me to ride faster because I expect to ride faster.

With regards to size, I feel that I can actually see that it is visually bigger than the Schwalbe “Fat Frank” (26x2.35/559-60).

I should start by saying that the Duro “Beach Bum” 26x3.0 cannot really be considered a true 3.0”. This is given away by it’s listed ETRTO size of 559-70. Obviously, 70mm is actually 2.76” (rounded to two decimal points). And you should also consider that this unicycle came with another Duro tyre, the “Wildlife Leopard” 26x3.0, which has an ETRTO size of 559-75. So Duro, Is 3” 70mm or 75mm? Clearly they are just playing around with marketing, as is often the case with tyres.

Anyway, that aside, a 559-70, should have a “theoretical” total diameter of 699mm—(70x2)+599. I figured I’d try and check this and attempted to verify the diameter with tape measure (not the most accurate I know, but it’s what I had to hand). Sure enough, in this particular case it does appear to be pretty close to the 70cm mark.

For comparison my 28x1½ (635-40) wheeled Pashley unicycle (with a Schwalbe “Marathon”), should have a “theoretical” total diameter of 715mm.

This would put the 26” with a Beach Bum at 98% of the size of my 28” with a Marathon. That also helps to explain the relative pace, as the 26” also has shorter cranks (102mm compared to 114mm).

So, I tried a quick visual test by putting them side by side and I think you will agree, 98% looks believable.

So what is my final take from all of this. The “Beach Bum” is actually a pretty good road tyre after all… and… I have probably just made my 28”er redundant.
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Location: Oslo (Risløkka), Norway
Age: 41
Posts: 106
Originally Posted by mrfixit View Post
I've been thinking the same thing.
If you are still thinking along these lines, another option is Vee Tire Co.’s 29x2.8 (70-559) “Plus Size Speedster”. I haven’t tried it but based on the ETRTO size, it is just as big as the Beach Bum and certainly looks interesting. Though it doesn’t come in the range of colours that the Beach Bum does (if you care about that, at all).
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