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Originally Posted by critter View Post
North Korea sucks.
That kind of attitude really gets the world nowhere.

You do realise north korea has 1.1 million soldiers? That's more than the americans and south koreans will ever be able to deploy. They are fighting in their own terrain, in very specialised conditions where tanks wont really work. Crossing the DMZ in the first place would probably be very hard for badly trained US troops that are used to field/desert/urban combat. (and look how well they managed at the their last urban ops...)

Obama is too clever to launch a full offensive against them. It would probably be popular in the US, but would reduce his international fame to bush status in about 4 seconds. He will only go with a UN backed invasion with south korea and china's approval. This means North korea will have to strike first before they can touch their soil. And hell, what do the americans have to gain from south korea being reunited to north korea? It's gonna cost them a fortune, and they'll have nothing but rubble to show for it.

The Chinese are probably best suited to attack, but being so close to a nuclear weilding nation is kindof dangerous when attacking, would cost them immense amounts of cash, and would do only harm to their image if they did not then surrender the north to the south. So theres very little in it for them. And its not as if the north koreans will bomb china first, they hate the americans and south more.

Then there is the whole problem that if southkorea goes to war (which it would most certainly take part in if it happened - it has the most to gain...) it could get counter attacked very badly via underground tunnels through the DMZ. There are rumoured to be dozens of them, only 4 have been found. Vietcongs used north korean engineers to help them build tunnels and they worked extremely well.

The North also has alot of tanks, more than the US will ever be able to deploy, china could rival it, has submarines which could heavily damage heavy warships and enough fighter jets to scare many nations. They are nowhere near as unequiped as Iraq.

Originally Posted by Peripatet View Post
If called, we will gladly go in and make the place safe for freedom and democracy.
Yeah right, as long as they have oil/money to show for it. Which... they don't. In fact what do they have? Starving villagers and loads of russian/chinese weapons. Not really anything worth the money considering the enconomical climax. Get over yourself. You call yourself a free nation and give dictators weapons.... and then attack them... you guys are mighty confusing.
I'm a soldja.

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Originally Posted by harper View Post
and we did so well in korea last time.
Unicycle for Steeze

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We're all dead, guys.
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feel the light
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Thanks for all these sane replies to my war monger post

Lot's of good points made. It seems to be the consensus that China has the ball. I agree, the UN could at best play a supportive role, and no sane USA prez can roll the war dice without China.

In this way, we have made a lot of progress in international relations since the Korean War of the 50's. In those days of anti communist cold war, it was a different world entirely.

Now the world love-fears China for it's economic power. Mao and the "serious communist doctrine", are gone. Money talks and then the world walks.

Siege. Ancient tech, super popular because it works so well and you don't have to kill people with your sword. Super creepy when imposed on NK because people are really starving there.

My current conclusion is that the ball is sorta in China's hands. They could starve the "Kim is God" cult into collapse with a trade barricade. Gruesome though. Starvation is terrible, and there is every reason to believe that the NK nut job cult that runs that prison will be as willing to starve to death NK's in the future, as it has in the past.

Why does the USA maintain 80,000 troops in SK for 50 years? Add up the $ and you can see why the USA is going broke. Fight or leave the field. A 50 + year standoff paid for by the USA taxpayer for what ?

The USA should leave Korea. Fat chance of that. I and others elected the Harvard Nigger so he would end torture cover ups, and get us out of the Cheny Inc. money shovel in Iraq. My call now, is the only way we get out of Iraq is by going broke. It's a growing military machine , the tax sucking Cheny Inc. cancer with a new face. I had hopes for Obama. I still do. I need hope.

I don't understand the math. Obama is way sharper and better educated than me . This is what makes me fear him being a beholden pawn. War, health care, prisons, insurance, police and bankers. All run for profit by mega corporations "to big to fail" .
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Originally Posted by brendan View Post
You do realise north korea has 1.1 million soldiers?
To quote Bill Hicks, as I'm wont to do:

"People say "Iraq had the fourth largest army in the world". Yeah, maybe, but you know what, after the first 3 largest armies, there's a REAL big . drop-off. The Hare Krishnas are the 5th largest army in the world, and they've already got all our airports."
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invade, korea, north

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