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New Kris Holm Hub

Does anyone have a more exact date on when the new Kris Holm hub will be out? On the threads I read it said it would be out by the fall, but I would like to know a specific month or date. I keep breaking my square taper cranks and don't know whether to wait until the new hub come out to upgrade to splined or to get an old Kris Holm hub or Profiles.
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Old 2004-09-01, 03:36 PM   #2
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whats new about the new hub?
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its like a joint venture between KH, onza unicycle.com and DM isnt it? i think its meant to be as stong as a normal splined hub but as light as a suzue.... with a standard number of splines, my comp is well slow right now otherwise id dig up the links to old treads for you... try and search for it
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Old 2004-09-01, 11:28 PM   #4
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It'll be 36 splined, and be as light as a suzue, and comparable to profiles in strength. That's about all there is too it. I'd explain more, but a search will find adaquate explanations.
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Old 2004-09-02, 04:40 AM   #5
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It doesn't make sense to wait for stuff that isn't even available yet. There's always going to be new stuff in the works. When it's time to buy you just have to buy what's available now. Waiting just means that you're forever going to be waiting cause no matter when you plan to buy there is always going to be something new in the works just around the corner.

It's the same thing in the bicycle industry. Do you wait for Shimano or other manufacturer to release their new hyped up wiz bang part next season or do you buy a new bike now and have fun on the new bike now? The correct answer is to buy now.

The hubs and cranks that we've got right now are plenty good. You're not going to go wrong with any of them.

If you're looking for a KH24 now it looks like unicycle.com is out of stock according to their online catalog. Contact Bedford Unicycles to see what he's got. Also I've seen KH24's at some local bike shops. Harvy's Bike Shop in Lynnwood WA has a KH24. Also Mt. View Cycles in Hood River OR had a KH24 on display two weeks ago. If you get really desperate you could contact one of those bike shops and see if they'd be willing to ship it to ya.

By all means buy now, don't wait. Have fun with what's available now and don't worry about what's planned to be available next season.
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Old 2004-09-02, 04:53 AM   #6
Bedford Unicycles
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I have lots of KH unicycles in stock.

KH20 Freestyle - 211.00 US / 295.00 Cdn
KH20 Trials - 399.00 US / 560.00 Cdn
KH24 MUni - 449.00 US / 630.00 Cdn

I have all other KH items in stock as well.

KH hub and crank sets - 140mm & 170mm
KH armour - arm all sizes - leg just small
KH jerseys - long and short sleeve

I ship all over North America everyday.


info @ bedfordunicycles . ca
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