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Old 2017-05-15, 05:32 PM   #16
Corporate Escapee
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Originally Posted by crazyunicyclerNJ View Post
So I wanted to make a thread about why you started to ride?
What made you do it?
When did you start?
How long did it take?

I'll start,

I was 5 and was grounded from my bicycle, and picked up my little yellow Mr great unicycle. Now, 22 years late I am riding MUNI on a 29er hachet. I don't remember how long it took to be able to ride.
First, welcome to the forum!

I started riding in 1986 out of sheer boredom while visiting my grandparents for the summer in a small town with nothing else to do. I found my cousin's old Schwinn, unused and untouched (naturally), and just started messing around with it. By the end of the week, I was freemounting it and riding it down the street. Don't really know the total hours spent, but it was pure fun, and I was very thankful for something to keep me occupied.
I'm not short, I'm just really far away.
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uni till death
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Thats how my father started, time at grandma's.
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vegan rider
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i started 1981 building a unicycle from bike trash with a friend.
i think it was his idea, but he said it was mine
after a week one uni was not enough for us 2 and we build a second one wich still exists.

after a while most of our firends start to ride. some of them build their own unis some were build by us.

unicycling is one of the most important things in life and i am very happy i do
bei tierquälern hört die toleranz auf.
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Old 2017-05-21, 06:22 AM   #19
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I was 47 (1 year ago) and had quit a 33 year smokeless tobacco habit the year before. I was running almost daily to combat the incessant cravings but my knees hated it so I switched to biking. After about 6 months of biking I was getting totally bored with it. I knew if I slacked off on biking I'd want tobacco again so this idea popped into my head to try unicycling. I bought 2 used Torkers (20, 24) off of Craigslist. I asked the guy why he was selling them and he said to get money to buy a mountain unicycle. I was like "WTF??". Took me a month to ride 100 ft. At 3 months I bought my first 27.5 Muni. At 9 months I bought a 29 geared uni. Uni helped me give up alcohol and soda as well. I havent had a drop of alcohol in over a year and am still tobacco free. I ride 30miles per week, normally 10 miles ea, 3-4x per week all over the neighborhood, and Muni. Dropped 20 lbs and am in the best shape of my life at 48. Now if I could just stop straining spraining my wrists and ankles I'd ride more. Oh, my 9 year old son can now ride a mile without falling, my 6 year old is learning, 3 people in the neighborhood have started riding uni. I ride, smile and wave doing my part to promote the sport. Most people smile and wave, kids love it, dogs absolutely hate us. Lol
Rob Urban
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Nimbus II 26 Muni conversion

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29" Muni/Downhill! (and 36" Muni)
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Cool sotry Rob. With that kind of initiative there's not much chance of getting bored with unicycling... if you haven't already dabbled a litte, muni is immensely fun and the challenges just keep coming :-) don't know that exact part of Colorado but should be trails nearby and within a short distance you've got all kinds of trails and challenges (rode in Salida and Beuna Vista last summer with some great muni trails).

I guess without knowing I may have influenced someone to try unicyling as so many people see me every week, but as far as I know, haven't been yet able to motivate anyone else (barring family) -- my 5 year-old is close to learning and rides on the hand. So very cool that you've also been able to get others into the sport.
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19" Trials Impact Athmos
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Old 2017-05-25, 10:46 PM   #21
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New here, and this seems like a good place to begin.. I've been riding [a 20" nimbus trials uni] for about 6 months, having bought it just after Christmas 2016. My reasons are multiple: I've always wanted to learn (I enjoy many so-called "odd" hobbies) and my parents wouldn't buy me one when I was much younger. Now I'm quite a lot older and gainfully employed, so unicycle.com!

What finally pushed me to get into it, at 32 years old: I'm a mototrials rider and wanted some balance training that didn't involve much maintenance or fuel, and bicycling just wasn't doing it for me.

What pushed me to stick with it: many things come fairly easily to me, and I expected this to be something like that. You know, 2-3 hours and I'd be riding 100ft and such. I sure was wrong about that, and I love a good challenge. I've recently started riding the 20" on some local MTB single track trails and have had a blast, so on to the next chapter: this week I ordered a 26" nimbus oracle muni, and it should be here shortly after the holiday weekend
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Old 2017-05-26, 10:53 AM   #22
Roland Hope School of Unicycling
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I've always been a cyclist I cycled to school when I was 5.

When I was about 21, I took up Morris dancing: a traditional English ritual/performance dance. In 1987, I took on the role of Fool (hence, Mikefule). The Fool has a special role in the Morris performance and is generally expected to do amusing things.

Around that time, I saw a professional tightrope walker performing at Nottingham Riverside Festival. His act included riding a unicycle on the highwire. I spoke to him after the show and he told me about Pashley unicycles. Pashley is an English cycle manufacturer specialising in nostalgia/retro bikes, trikes, and tandems.

I made further inquiries and, ironically, found that the nearest Pashley dealer was Halfords - one of the biggest and best known cycle shop chains in the UK. I ordered a "Pashley UMX" - a 20" uni with a BMX tyre. It was an awful thing with a crude and uncomfortable seat, and lollipop bearings held in with self tapping screws.

Pashley's advertising literature referred to the UMX being suitable for "unicycle yomping". This meant cross country riding. "Yomping"was still a word in the public consciousness as it had been used in reports of the Falklands conflict in 1982. (Soldiers "yomped" when they marched cross country with full kit.)

I used the unicycle in Morris performances and also rode it around the local nature reserve. This was the limit of my unicycling ambition for many years.

Then, in the mid 2000s (around 2005?) I decided I needed to lose weight and get fit. I lived in a tiny house and had little room to store a bicycle. I considered a folding bike and, on a whim, I searched for "unicycle".

Within a short period, I bought a Pashley 26" Muni, followed by a Nimbus 20", followed in due course by a Nimbus 24, Nimbus 28, a Coker Big One, then a KH24, KH29, a Nimbus 36 (to replace the Big One), then a Nimbus 24" UW, then a KH36 to replace the Nimbus 36. I also briefly owned a hand made "vintage" unicycle.

There was also a brief period when I had two very crude home built giraffes, assembled around frames welded together from chopped up bicycles.
"A unicycle is not a physics problem." (tholub)
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is what it is
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Originally Posted by harper View Post
I got into it for the astonishingly high pay and global recognition. Still waiting after 53 years.
John Foss got so much of that he's giving it away to other riders. Got Corbin and I a sweet gig, we're still working on spending all the money that rolled in from that event.

How 'bout you give John a call, he'll set you up.
"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." - Bertrand Russell
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768 - It's in your DNA
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Originally Posted by maestro8 View Post

How 'bout you give John a call, he'll set you up.
Ever since the sexy t-shirt incident that Foss bankrolled (and probably profited from enormously) he has been using his caller ID to selectively exclude me. He is oh, so much wiser than he looks.
-Greg Harper

Destroying the climate by shutting down nuclear power plants, one by one, since 1979.

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Think I was 28 when I learned to uni. Saw a cheap trials for sale on a forum I frequent (was £50 posted) so treated myself for my birthday.
Took it to work for a week on nights (I work as a signalman) and basically self taught in the box over the space of the week.
Bought myself a 29er a few months later and loved it ever since!
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North Shore ridin'
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Originally Posted by maestro8 View Post
John Foss got so much of that he's giving it away to other riders. Got Corbin and I a sweet gig, we're still working on spending all the money that rolled in from that event.
We were so popular at that event, they even forgot to call us up to come back the following year!

Looking at those pictures, I'm reminded that they did put quite a lot of effort into making that Trials course, and that was pretty cool.
John Foss

"I was younger then, but it felt at the time like it was going like poo off a spade. Great fun." -- Mikefule (he's British)

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It looked fun.

This is my 4th week at it, and I can now usually manage to freemount within a minute of failures.

Turns out I was right, it is fun!
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Old 2017-05-31, 06:17 PM   #28
fail better.
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I blame it on that joint😁
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Old 2017-05-31, 06:42 PM   #29
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There’s a park near me where people sometimes practice circus-related skills, but when the weather is nice, slacklines inevitably get commandeered by screaming children and their hovering parents. A guy who sometimes brings circus props to this free-for-all had some rickety little unicycles that people had given him, and I eventually started riding one of them, partly just to avoid the crowds.

I was 45 and never had wanted to unicycle before that, but in the four years that have passed since then, I have only rarely gone more than a couple of days without riding. I am now past the stage where you come back from each session with a new skill, but am still amazed at how much stuff you can learn to do on a unicycle. SIF, one-footed riding, wheel walking- learning each one of them has been a bit like learning to ride all over again. My street uni is my favorite, obviously, but I also have a 29” with a tire that is getting almost as bald as I am.
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Roland Hope School of Unicycling
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Originally Posted by song View Post
A guy who sometimes brings circus props to this free-for-all had some rickety little unicycles that people had given him, and I eventually started riding one of them, partly just to avoid the crowds.
You used circus props and skills to avoid crowds? Genius! An elaborate bluff indeed.
"A unicycle is not a physics problem." (tholub)
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riding, start

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