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Originally Posted by candyapplecorn View Post
Today I rode the farthest I ever have, 10 miles, on my 26" Torker LX. I've been riding for about a month now.

The ride took me two hours and 45 minutes and boy am I sore. My knees are the worst and I might have to take a day off from riding. How much faster, and how much better would I be feeling right now, if I did the ride on a 36"? I've been eyeing the nighthawk.
I recommend some electrolytes and bcaas for recovery!
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Originally Posted by candyapplecorn View Post
My knees are the worst
Were you riding on pavement? In some cases, I think, knee pain can result from a lack of resistance to pedaling. The tendons in the knees then loosen up, only to be thrown and twisted around from all the motion. I'm guessing, also, that you were pedaling at a pretty high cadence. And, if you were riding long distance on pavement, there is repetitive motion. You should probably take a short break. Then try riding on grass, up hills or on some other resistant and uneven surface. Muni riding has been the best thing for my knees. Beginners typically go through a phase were they are obsessed with distance. Keep working on your technique (static-mounts, idling, hands-on-seat, etc.) and sooner or later you'll be riding 10+ miles without pain.
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Today i

Today I geared up for a ride at 7 a.m. and went out on my 36 incher for 10 miles, I got back home and didn't feel tired at all... Tomorrow I'm going to go for 20 miles, wish me luck!
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Probably look at your seat height too, knee pain is often a result of the seat being too low.

BTW What was your previous longest ride? Don't go making big jumps in time and distance, that is the way to injuries. And you are probably being sensible if you take two or three days off, seriously. Then a short easy day to check that all the parts are ok, you and your wheel
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Talking Seat In Front

Today, I can finally say I can ride seat-in-front! I've been working at it for a while, and it finally clicked. The limiting factor is now my legs, rather than my skill.
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I like pavement.
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I passed IUF Level 3 last night. I note without irony that my judge was about 1/3 my age, and more than twice my IUF level.
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Originally Posted by UnderTheLake View Post
I passed IUF Level 3 last night. I note without irony that my judge was about 1/3 my age, and more than twice my IUF level.
Pretty much rules out having a beer together when it's over, doesn't it? Congratulations!
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From a couple of days ago - some really basic stuff, but the first time I've done any of this on my giraffe:
idling left foot down (I normally idle right foot down)
backwards circles

Definitely getting close to the point I'm feeling really comfortable on it - the backwards circles actually feel more stable than they do on a little unicycle.
Unicycling: great for your thighs.
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