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Old 2004-12-11, 09:44 PM   #46
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Originally posted by Robbie
There goes modest nick again. He's actually awesome, so don't believe anything he says. But I guess we are the only 2 that really unicycle much in state, the problem is I right a reasonable amount but I still suck. I'm working on it though.
I was in Perth earlier this week- didn't get much chance to ride with a bad flu', but I did unicycle around Rottnest Is which was cool. Bit of a plod on a 24" MUni though.

Up for some riding next time I'm in Perth?

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Old 2004-12-23, 08:50 AM   #47
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theres only 2 guys in australia so far that can grind handrails.
-we pioneered street in australia.

Depends on the height - but Ive been grinding now for a good while. taught myself at a local skate park.
I can grind things if they are say a foot off the ground but any higher I dont have the jump height/balls.

Ok guys, take a bit of stock here. Sure, you're good - I'm not arguing that at all - that 12 ft drop is aesome, wish I had the balls to do that.

You guys are much better riders than I would ever hope to be, thats for sure, but...

Please stop being so arrogant. It's not very becoming. Hell, its not the aussie way.


"if you dont come to uninats, you arent on the map. and i've met most riders in australia. "

I would love to come to uninats - distance, cost, and clashes with work and uni timetables have always been a problem. I love my riding but no way am I going to spend a bucketload to go to darwin to ride.

Also, your selling australian uni and muni short - there are a lot more of us than you realise - many who have never heard of uninats, unicyclist.com, or you.
I live in a small town and know of at least 13 people who ride unicycles reguarly, 3 of us ride muni. One awesome guy has a whole family involved (he just bought his daughter a 20" off me)and recently rode in a national 4X MTB comp., clearing all the jumps and getting air off a few.

I keep meeting new people who ride - a lot of days I'll be out riding and someone will come up and have a go. I was at a skatepark a month or so ago and this 16 year old kid came up and managed to grind my 24 on a bar with a 180 twist off the end.

You are a damn good rider, but dont start shooting your mouth off about how you pioneered muni in australia. If anyone should get props for increasing exposure and being commited to the sport, it should be Andrew.

anyhow im off for a ride. Have a great xmas, new year and dont fall off too much...

Gazzaloddi - Who says three inches can't be satisfying?
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Old 2004-12-23, 09:32 AM   #48
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damn dude what is your problem...

if you wanted in then why didnt you enter the competition?

you sound like you have bin doing it way longer than we have

possibly poineered it.

if they havent heard of me, or us... why dont you tell em to watch sports tonight 11:00pm tonight

and ive bin riding muni for 3 years b4 andrew started
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