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29" Muni/Downhill! (and 36" Muni)
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Nimbus D2 rim?

Originally Posted by MUCFreerider View Post
It's a long thread, but from what i gather, the recommendation with the Oracle frame and Knard seems to be for the KH rim over the Nimbus Dominator...

- KH freeride 47mm rim
- Nimbus Oracle hub (Chromoly)
- Surly Knard 29x3.0 27tpi
Somewhere someone commented that a 36 inch frame will flex more, so maybe the KH 47mm would be too wide?

Anyone have any reports as to the Nimbus 29" Dominator2 Rim working well with the 27tpi tire? Nurse Ben commented that it was a little loose and came off the rim once, although it sounds like it worked out in the end?

The D2 is about $20 cheaper, plus it's narrower, so it should have ample side clearance. So maybe better to pick the D2?
36" Nimbus Oracle, VCX 100/125/150, 200mm disc
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20" Qu-Ax Profi Freestyle, 89mm VCX
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Old 2015-05-06, 09:55 PM   #242
Kris Holm
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Hi All,

Some numbers for reference on the 2015 KH frames:
Lateral tire clearance: 91 mm
Distance from bearing centre to underside of crown: 363.5 mm

KH29: Lateral tire clearance: 91 mm
Distance from bearing centre to underside of crown: 391.5 mm

For comparison, lateral tire clearance on the KH20, KH24, and KH36 is 84 mm. 84 mm was the previous lateral clearance on the 2014 or earlier KH26 and KH29 frames.

Both are sized to fit the Surly Knard tire (26x3 or 29x3) or equivalent dimension tire. The 2015 KH26 and KH29 come standard with the Knard - see the blog post with updates here:

Also, note that I purposely minimized the clearance between the tire and underside of the crown for the Knard on the KH29 - there is enough clearance but less generous than the KH26. I wanted to minimize, as much as possible, the minimum leg length required for the frame.

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Old 2016-03-13, 04:47 AM   #243
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KH29: Lateral tire clearance: 91 mm
Distance from bearing centre to underside of crown: 391.5 mm
According to Surly, the diameter of the 29x3 Knard is 779mm on a 50mm rim and 778mm on a 35mm rim. The distance from the bearing centre to the underside of the crown minus half the diameter of the tire should give you the clearance of the tire. I get 2mm of height clearance with those numbers. I'm scared the Knard won't fit in that frame if I use any rim other than the KH rim.
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Old 2016-03-13, 02:57 PM   #244
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Please tell me that your thinking of running the knard on a carbon 29er rim, as that seems like the only real upgrade to the boom proof KH rim. I would love to drop 400grams off my uni! But can't justify the money, yet..


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Old 2016-03-13, 10:28 PM   #245
Good enough: enemy of perfection
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Carbon fiber is the only upgrade to the KH rim? Hardly.
"I used to watch Highway Patrol whittlin' with my knife..." - NY
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Old 2016-03-27, 10:21 AM   #246
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Surly 29/26 x 3" on urban conditions

Since the knard 3" has been coming with kh 26 and 29 unicycles for a little while now, there must be a bunch of unicyclists using this tire and among those guys I guess there is a certain amount that use it on urban conditions (road, sidewalks) with the camber issues we all know.

I 'd like to have some testimonies about how bad or good it is on pure urban conditions, especially the 29er riders, and at which PSI they inflate their tire for this purpose.

What about using it with geared hub?
- Geared kh36 + Nightrider Lite + Kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax 36" + nightrider +Q-handle+ cable rim brake
- kh 29" + knard 29x3+ kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax trial 19"
-24"&26" wheels and forks and spare stuffs.
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Old 2016-03-28, 12:54 PM   #247
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Maybe add your question to the Official 29" Tire Review thread on the forum, there are users of that tire there.
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Old 2016-09-25, 10:55 AM   #248
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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben View Post
Knard 29 x 3": 120tpi vs 27tpi

The Knard

Choosing a rim:
The other thing to consider is rim choice. I'm riding a Nimbus Dominator2, it weighs a hefty 1000gm and is only 42mm wide. On the 120tpi it felt like the tire wanted to pop off the rim, both due to having a loose fit and having a very supple "ultralight" casing. (...)

The Surly Rabbit Hole rim is designed for this tire, at 50mm it is not that much wider than the KH Freeride, but it may fit the tire better and at 700gms it is a light rim. Sadly it is also a 32 hole rim, so unless Nimbus comes out with a 32hole hub or Surly makes a 36 hole rim (very unlikely), the Freeride is probably the best choice. The D2 is a good rim, it's inexpensive and it works fine, but it's also heavy and narrowish.
I'm about to take my Schlumpf hub from my G26+ to build a G29+
My G26+ has got the 26x3 knard and I love it, so I will use a 120 TPI 29x3 knard.

I'm hesitating between using a dominator 29", 42mm rim (that I have) and buying a kh freeride 47mm but my purpose is not the same as Nurse Ben since I plan to inflate it at around 30 PSI most of the time.

My G26+ has got a 42mm domniator rim and before I put a schlumpf hub the knard was on a 47mm drilled rim, kind of a copy of the kh26 rim so I have experimented different feelings between the two rims

At low PSI, around 15 PSI +/2 PSI the 26x3 knard had got a better behavior on the 47mm rim, as far as I remember, the feeling was more like a fat tire.
On the 42 mm rim it has got less suspension at such a low PSI, it is not the same pleasure.
The thing is when the knard was on the G26 I started to do longer rides, less muni, more often urban/easy trails and I inflated it at about 30 PSI most of the time for lower rolling resistance, more speed (in high gear) and lower camber sensitivity issues (but even at 30 PSI it absorbs the floor irregularities pretty well).

my 26" knard will return in a full muni ungeared uni for pure muni purpose, so on the 47mm freeride-like rim and at low PSI.

Like I said the 29 knard 120 TPI will be used on a G29 and I will probably use this guni for the same purpose I have been using the G26 :road/sidewalks/bike paths/easy muni most of the time (30 PSI), more technical muni occasionally(lower PSI).

So here is my question :
It makes sens that at low PSI (15-20 PSI) the kh freeride 47mm 29 rim is better than the 42mm 29" Dominator 2, is it also true at 30 PSI or will I have to struggle more with road camber if I take the kh rim?

my guess is (+/-):

D2 :
- heavier
- less good at low PSI
+ less sensitive to road camber at high PSI (more thin profile) (am I right?).
+ can take my schwalbe super moto light tire and other schwalbe road tires at high PSI(55-65).
+ I already have the rim.

KH Freeride:
- rounder profile (is true at 30 PSI?) so: more sensitive to road camber?.
- more prone to blow out issues if I use schwalbe light road tires at high PSI.
+ lighter
+ better behavior at around 15 PSI for pure muni.

What to you guys think about it?
- Geared kh36 + Nightrider Lite + Kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax 36" + nightrider +Q-handle+ cable rim brake
- kh 29" + knard 29x3+ kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax trial 19"
-24"&26" wheels and forks and spare stuffs.
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29x3, knard, surly

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