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Old 2016-01-18, 10:19 AM   #16
Siddhartha Valmont
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That is a fun test.
When I wasn't flailing with the other 3 limbs, I felt like I was leaning sideways over the standing leg.

I am sure it is even funnier to do with a camera and see how silly you look when going through a minute eyes shut
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Old 2016-01-18, 09:56 PM   #17
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I was surprised that it was harder than I expected. The first 20-30 seconds on the right foot were easy, then I started having to really work by leaning and flailing my arms and doing constant corrections, but I made the 60 seconds. The second foot I tried to do more methodically and succeeded in doing less flailing, but still had to really concentrate and work hard. But it is a fun test. Oh, I am an intermediate-advanced unicyclist I guess (intermediate or even beginner as far as skills/trials goes, e.g. I can't ride one-footed, but getting close to advanced in Muni).
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Old 2016-01-18, 10:32 PM   #18
Totally Doable
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This is one of the exercises they give you for recovering from ankle injuries. A lot of your kinesthetic sense of balance comes from nerves in your ankles and other joints, and sprained ankles can damage those nerves. It also strengthens the ankle muscles (feel how they're flexing as you correct).
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Old 2016-01-18, 10:37 PM   #19
Piece Maker
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Hmm... I hardly had any trouble with this at all. It felt weird in my head, but I stayed upright just fine!

Maybe all the night-time riding I do helped
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Old 2016-01-19, 04:08 AM   #20
Arroyo Grande, Ca
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I was curious if advanced riders found this exercise easier. Apparently not.
Thanks for the replies

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Old 2016-01-19, 08:38 AM   #21
I don't like unicycling, I love it.
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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
Maybe all the night-time riding I do helped
Yes, I think it did. I do some riding in the dark too, and at first when the dark season starts it feels awkward. I use a headlight, but that gives me limited vision compared to daylight. After a while I get more used to it.

I struggled with the test though.

Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
I'm maybe slightly above Rookie at the moment.
If JF is sligthly above rookie, then I owe unicycling skills
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Old 2016-01-19, 11:18 AM   #22
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I tend to think that the skills needed to stand on one leg are closer to slacklining that to unicycling.
I'm a 53 years old unicycle beginner (barely managing to idle), but with some practice on the slackline. I had no problem at all (Maybe karate practice also helps, since lot of it happens standing on one leg).
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Old 2016-01-19, 09:12 PM   #23
This space available
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Originally Posted by UniMyra View Post
If JF is sligthly above rookie, then I owe unicycling skills
Me too! LOL!

BTW, when my PT had me do this, she also added constraints, like, don't flail around with my arms, and don't squirm around on my foot. Just stand there straight and still. I eventually called bull$hit on her and (1) challenged her to do better than me (she couldn't) and (2) challenged her to ride a unicycle (she didn't even try). Every now and then I try this again at home, with varying results, but I think we all get a lot of balance training just riding. (Especially if we do muni.) Just my $.02.
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Old 2016-01-20, 12:26 AM   #24
fail better.
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Standing straight, remembering what the room looked like and having arms down close to the body is easy. When you start tilting torso, flailing arms around now that's when it's a good ankle workout, and looking nearly ridiculous
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Old 2016-01-20, 12:50 PM   #25
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My wife was really impressed at my attempt to the balance test. She said, "You looked even more ridiculous than when you ride your bike."

it's NOT a bike!!!! She really knows how to hit below the belt.
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Old 2016-01-21, 07:03 AM   #26
Adventure Unicyclist
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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
That's a funny test. If I don't move too far from the balance point, I can stay on one foot. If I start moving too much, it doesn't take long before I have to open my eyes, or get on my 2 feet.

What is is supposed to test?
It's a variation of the Rombergs test.

As mentioned above, we need two out of three senses to maintain balance
1. Vision
2. Proprioception (position sense)
3. Vestibular (middle ear) function

Closing the eyes takes out 1. Which means that if there is any dysfunction of either middle ear function or position sense, one wound find it hard to maintain balance.
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Old 2016-01-23, 08:45 PM   #27
wobbling bear
GranPa goes-a-wobblin'
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Originally Posted by APT View Post
I had no problem at all (Maybe karate practice also helps, since lot of it happens standing on one leg).
Have tried it on a tatami?
just impossible for me the tatami is not enough a "solid" surface ....
I try when starting every karate training ... and fail miserably
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balance, interesting, test

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