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Going from a 20" to a 26"

I am an experienced rider on a 20" uni and am looking to get a 26". I've been looking around online, and nobody really has anything on the speed difference is between the two. Can anyone tell me from experience, what would the speed difference be? Also, I will be mainly using it for commuting to and from school on the road, and some muni. Any recommendations on which one I should get?
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Figure about an additional 1/4 of your 20" speed if you pedal at the same rate. That's by math, not experience. For road and light muni you are probably looking at one without a brake.
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It depends on the crank size. As Universe said 26/20*speedYouGoNow is how fast you will go assuming you pedal at the same rpm. Anecdotally I would say around 8-10 mph with 125mm cranks (road). I would highly recommend going with dual hole cranks if you plan on using it for muni and road. (long for muni, short for road). It really depends on your budget. The 3 most obvious options are a nimbus 26 with a duro tire, or a KH or Oracle. I would also consider looking at a 29er if the muni you're doing is just XC. You would get a little more speed for commuting, and I still find it perfect for what I do with 140-150mm cranks off road. I personally have been really happy with the standard nimbus 29" muni with a KH saddle and cranks.
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Originally Posted by PickeringUni View Post
Can anyone tell me from experience, what would the speed difference be?
Huge. A 20" unicycle is hard to ride much faster than walking pace. I don't have a 26" road unicycle, but with either a fat 24" or a skinny 29" I'm comfortable around 7-8 mph, which is a healthy jogging pace, and gifted riders are much faster than that. It's still quite a bit slower than a bicycle though.

Also, I will be mainly using it for commuting to and from school on the road, and some muni. Any recommendations on which one I should get?
More than one unicycle! It's that old "one unicycle to rule them all" demon again. If it's any good for commuting on the road, you'll hate it for muni, and vice versa. Decide which one you really want right now.
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I generally agree that there's no such thing as a do-everything unicycle, but I do seem to ride my Nimbus muni just about everywhere, even on concrete. It's totally impractical, though, as the concrete wears down the knobby tires really fast, and while I don't mind how it rides, a lot of people don't like how off road tires do on concrete. They are not exactly idea for that.

Depending on how often you actually plan to ride off road and how comfortable you are changing tires, you might consider getting a muni and putting a road tire on it for your day-to-day commuting, and on the occasion you want to go off road, you could switch to the muni tire.

Also, how far is your commute? Depending on how far you plan to ride, I might make other suggestions as well.
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my g26 with a 26x3" Surly knard tire is my do everything uni.
The knard tire when inflated at 30-31 PSI rolls pretty well on the pavement.
Set it from 15 to 28 PSI and you have a great and rather light Muni tire.
The only downsides are:
-you have to make sure the frame can take it (2015 kh26 does)
-the tire is expensive

This is the only tire I tried which is so much versatile (but didn't try hundreds of tire)

I will upgrade my g26+ to a g29+ and of course will use the 29+ version of the knard.
- Geared kh36 + Nightrider Lite + Kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax 36" + nightrider +Q-handle+ cable rim brake
- kh 29" + knard 29x3+ kh Tbar + HS33
- Qu-ax trial 19"
-24"&26" wheels and forks and spare stuffs.

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Hi PickeringUni

My first 'big wheel' after the standard 20" was a standard 26 Muni (Quax brand in my case) with no brake. It did the job really well and I used it mainly to cycle around town and doing XC. When you are used to a 20 the 26 feels huge. You can cover long distances with it no problem. The 26 came with a 2.5 off road tyre but that didn't bother me when riding around town.

Also a very good size is the 24". The smaller wheel that the 26 gives you that extra control you might need to develop skills (hops, wheel walk, etc..) quicker as you ride around town. I have just bought a 24 Muni (with the standard 3" Duro tyre) my self for improving my Muni skills and it is a fantastic machine for doing a bit of everything. Highly recommended.
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Thank you to everyone for your replies.

My distance to school isn't really that long, but I will be also be using it around town too.

I said in my earlier post that I'd be doing "some" muni, but actually it is more than that. I'd probably be doing about 50% road, 50% muni.

The uni Im looking at now is the 26" Nimbus Muni on Unicycle.com (canada). Any thoughts on that?
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I started on a nimbus muni 26" and it's a nice solid machine. Maybe a bit heavy with the duro but it's really nice for rugged muni stuff and winter riding (ice and snow and a spiked tire). Is 29" not an option? That's what I would recommend. I have recently mostly ridden my 29" and 36" to work&groceries&around the town. 26" got boring for commuting because it felt so slow after riding a 29", but the 29" is still fast and fun enough for smallish (<10km?) distances even when 36" is an option.
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20 to a 26, 20", 26", muni, road, speed

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