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Originally Posted by 4umfreak View Post
You could put a pivot point in the crank arm.
That might be one way to make a variable length crank you adjusted when you stopped. I reckon any on-the-fly variable length crank is pretty much a non-starter though - one using a spring to adjust automatically certainly is.
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I really like the idea of adjustable crank lengths. A quick google search brought up the following:



So this is an idea that is doable and would be super awesome!
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accro au mono
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Parts of the conversation made me think of that :

I don't know what was the result with use, I should ask Romain...
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Originally Posted by knoxuni View Post
So i was riding muni why dont we have cranks with more Q than moments? i like having alot of Q fator makes it feel like i have more control
If you want more q factor get one of the Nimbus 125mm spaced hubs and a Oregon frames to fit the wider hub. Or like NurseBen said get high q bike cranks (although they pretty much come in long lengths by unicycle standards.)

Also the wider you go the more pedal strikes you'll get when riding narrow trails!

Saying that I prefer Moments over Ventures the higher q means you don't hit your shoes as much + as you said feels like you have more control.

I would just like a KH frame with no Magura mounts and the disc mount on the left side to tidy things up a bit.

Larger decent sealed bearings would be good (in the nasty UK weather they die pretty fast), and at the same time moving to a larger axle format like the x-type now commonly found on bikes. We don't need side pressure on the bearings so a pinch bolt, splined setup with a light weight large diameter hollow axle would rock
I really like your ideas about larger bearings and axle- those would be great improvements.

As for what new products I'd like to see made:

- A round crown KH muni frame's in 26 and 29

- A comfier seat- the custom flat carbon based seats look better to me!

- I'd like to see Nimbus make their dominator 2 rim 47mm wide- perhaps with some drilling to keep the weight down

- Some sort of guard such as this: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/disc_bra...c76p11552.html but specificaly designed for muni's.
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Nurse Ben
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That quick release system has been around for a while, it's more of a road bike style for bikes that are folded for transport. I read that they are fragile. They also seem to set the pedal away from the cranks.

There is another version that has a QR on the side, made by MKS I think, but it has that same offset, thoug it may be more durable.

I'm goi g to dismantle some Moments and take a look at the insert sizing, just to see if it is doable with some custom machining. I'd love to get ahold of some White Bros pedal inserts without having to buy the cranks.
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Old 2012-11-27, 04:06 AM   #36
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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben View Post
Okay, so let's talk multi position cranks...

I have double hole pedals on most of my unis, but I don''t use them very often. Why? Because it's a pain in the arse to dismount, get out my tools, unscrew two pedals, rescrew them into a differrent holes, then do it again later, and again, ...

What we need is quick release system that allows pedals to be "hot swappable", just a quick dismount, pop the release tab, plug and play, no tools, no grease, in and out under thirty seconds.
I thought of some thing like a moment crank machined like these :

with locking cam lever in spite of scew to secure threated insert on the crank
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Originally Posted by FatBird View Post
How about a uni with one blade frame? I would try to convince Triton to build a custom lefty if there was a suitable hub
Jacob's already done that:

Visit municycle.ca for all your unicycle needs
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wes style!!
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After last nights crash I would like stronger seat post and stronger handles.
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Originally Posted by muni123 View Post
Jacob's already done that:
Mmm, in my dream the frame was somewhat more elegant ...
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