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Originally Posted by Jerrick
I know im not a pro rider, or sponsored by any uni company's, but I have been riding for 4 years now, and can answer these questions.

1. Just learning to ride was excericize already. Learning the correct ways to balance and having to make all the tiny adjustments really helped the tiny muscles in my core and I guess you can say it really trained my inner ear.

Getting into trials really helped my endurance and toned my leg muscles. They didn't get any bigger, but they have improved. I used to have troubles doing trials for long periods, my legs would get tired, and I would start to breath rather heavily. Now my legs dont become tired anymore, and my breathing has become more controlled while doing any activity.

I have also gained a better reaction time, not just while unicycling, but for everything I do now.

Now that I ride a coker, I have burned up to 2500-3k calories on some of my ride, so it will keep me thin and get rid of excess body fat. I try to ride at a high cadence for at least 20mins in my ride to workout my heart and to gain better breathing and a lower bpm.

2. Ive been riding for 4 years. I have always wanted to ride, but never was able to get a uni or have a chance to ride one until my friend got his uni. I got my uni shortly after on my birthday.

We learned some freestyle stuff, just the basics. Mainly just used them to ride point a to b. I ended up taking a break because my uni broke, and I had no money to repair it. Finally got it fixed, got into it again, and found about trials, and for the past year, I have really been into unicycling now.

3. My riding is very sporadic until it gets into spring, then I try to do weekly rides that will last about 5 hours.

Other than that, I just ride whenever, sometimes for a few mins, sometimes for a few hours. I just get out there whenever I can.

What keeps me riding is my love for the sport. I dont care if I am doing a 50 mile ride through the country side, a sweaty trials ride, riding with my friends and just goofing off, or just riding to get somewhere faster. As long as I can ride, I am good.

Now I think that is close to what he was lookin for, like said before, Jerrick is to new riders like Firemen are to kids :-) lol I guess il do his questionaire as well...

1.) What are some of the health benifits of Unicycling, and long term effects? Benifits of unicycling is just the same as biking, increases your endurance, and helps to lower your body fat keeping you in a top phisical condition. Long term effects are the same as anyone who keeps care of there body, having a healthier body will give you a longer life, and keeping it up will help to keep you young. Unicycling is a great form of excersize. A downside is to that of the more extreme generation that are prone to unjuries such as myself. I have had doctors inform me that I am highly susceptible to arthirtis due to a massive amount of injuries, but that is a risk of all extreme sports...

2.) How long have you been riding, and what got you started?
I began riding 5 years ago when I was in 6th grade, I started riding because I broke my arm playing soccer at school. Since I could not ride my bike(handlebars) and i dont like not being active, I decided to finally try unicycling. My brothers had an old juggle bug unicycle that they have long since forgotten and givin up riding. Well no hands required and a fun cycling challenge, seemed like a great way to pass time til I could bmx ride again. Who would have thought that I would be hooked on that and barely touch my bike anymore.

3.) how much time do you put into practicing each day and what keeps you intersted and wanting to ride? I ride as much as my schedule and weather allows me to. Generally 2 hours or more 3 days a week. I practice all styles of riding(cept freestyle) So somedays I go for a 12mile ride around town on rugged dirt roads, some days I practice flatland in a parking lot, some I jsut hop on obstacle in my 2.5 acre yard, and when I have the time I love to drive to the mountains and hit up some of the craziest trails I can find. I keep interested by doing more than one style and allways trying to excell in them, I also have a fear of being fat again so I choose to be active and unicycling is a fun way to do this.

Well I dont have much more to add, but you could PM Kris Holm, he is Danger uni. and Terry is 51 still riding so he could help ya out to, Muniaddict. Hope any of this helped!
Cody Freaking Williams
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Originally Posted by Ducttape
1.) What are some of the health benifits of Unicycling, and long term effects?
- body coordination and awareness that prevents you from panicing when making wrong estimates of forces and speed during any kind of activities (horseriding, martial sports, name it), and know how to anticipate on those mistakes (in either corrections or know how to fall -or better said: roll-). I recntly noticed this often while figure skating where I still haven't really tumbled real hard or unexpected at all (except for that one time when I forgot to undo my blade-protecters).
Even when walking downstairs I notice I'm not afraid to slide off from the edges of the stairs as I'm much more confident with the gravity.
And when picking up other stuff (like ladder-balance or BMX) you make use of this body awareness (in stead of 'having a good balance').
- strong back muscles
- strong stomic muscles (doing too many hand ww, and sideww)
- much better posture (off-unicycle)
- and while having the back in correct position your body communicates much better with the brain.
- more brain-activity (which has a positive effect on your mood and/or mental health).
...and you become fit!
and mentally you develop:
- selfconfidence
- use patience (there is no such thing as 'having much/few patience', everybody has it, you just have to learn to use it)
- expand your limits
- push your limits
- get selfdicipline
- learn to learn
- set and archieve goals.
and especially as (real) pro:
- learn how to express and present yourself both in word and body language/posture (which is a neverending process anyway).
- learn to receive negative comments
- learn to receive positive comments and compliments
and what about:
- deal with people in general
- learn to share (and what goes around comes around)
- learn that teaching others teaches you the most

Plus I think I found more 'inner-balance'. My rests during practice sessions were maybe kind of meditations. While at other moments you sometimes divert negative energy into positive aggresion (when forcing yourself to do the skills you don't dare, or simply can't but just have to do). I always prefered to practice individually, as I'd liked to talk, scream, sing, wistle or be frustrated or excited all the way. I remember I for that reason could be furious when bypassing people started to spectate (by default I interrupted my sessions untill they moved on).

And what about long distance or muni bytheway, that relaxes the mind much more that doing some boring fishing I'd say.

Well plenty of mental and physical health topics under the search button. I don't think that question is limited to just "pro's".

Originally Posted by Ducttape
2.) How long have you been riding, and what got you started?
11 years. Always wanted it. An article in the local newspaper of a guy who was bitten by an aligator made me visit that particular circus to ask for an address to buy myself a unicycle (as google.com did'nt excist yet). A unicycle group from the Tjech Republic teached me for a week. The day they were gone I suddenly was able to ride.

Originally Posted by Ducttape
3.) how much time do you put into practicing each day?
I hardly practice anymore. But there were years I practiced 6 days a week with each day a minimum of 3 hours (and sometimes even up to 7 hours). By now I only could wish I would be able to make such hours.
Believe me; as non-pro you have much much more time for practising new skills. Cause when unicycling becomes your only income you hardly have time to practice anymore. For that reason the "I"UF dropped the rule that "pro's" were only allowed to compete in the expert class.

Originally Posted by Ducttape
and what keeps you intersted and wanting to ride?
Have the urge to expand capabilities. Suffering a critical health at age 19, basicly facing death, I was happy each day I did woke up. The knowledge that tommorow you maybe can't do the things anymore you were able today. I forgot a bit, but once again I realize health is a blessing you should cherish and enjoy as much while you can!

Originally Posted by thejdw
not sure all the guys in the title are pro
Have another look; pro is written like "pro".

+1 866-UNI-CYCL
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