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I use a wooden block to seat the square tapered cranks onto the hub.
A couple of whacks with the hitting stick, make sure the bolt is tight, then tighten it even further.

A wooden mallet will do the same job.
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There's no way you could possibly overtighten a crank bolt with a normal allen wrench. I use a torque wrench for mine, which is a couple of feet long, and still putting quite a bit of force into it to get the right torque.
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I made a small addition to Finnspins fine points. ...

Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
I'll just write a beginners guide to what goes on which side of my unicycle so I or someone else can copy and paste it everytime these questions are asked.

The pedals only fit onto their respective cranks. The left pedal axle is knurled whereas the right pedal axle is smooth. Left has a left hand thread, right has a right hand thread. A mnemonic for remembering which way to screw in the pedal axle into the crank is "right is right and left is other."

The cranks fit onto the hub, orientation does not matter, if cranks come loose it is because they are not tightened properly (you might need spacers to give the cranks a shoulder to tighten to, and loctite is your friend).

The tire fits onto the rim, if it is directional (little arrow on the tire indicates which way it is supposed to turn), make sure it is on the right way around. Looking from the right side of the wheel (where your right crank is), the arrow should point clockwise. If there is no arrow, the V shape of the knobs / lines on the tire should be pointing backwards when you look at it from the top, with the wheel in the right orientation.

The frame has only one non symmetrical part, which is the slit in the seattube, the orientation of which is completely irrelevant, but people generally have it on the back.

The seatclamp has a slit too, it should be aligned with the slit on the frame.

(This next part should be obvious)
The saddle. Look at you unicycle from the top, the saddle facing forward: The crank on the left side of your unicycle should hopefully be the left one, the crank on the right the right one, if not turn the seat around.

Now you have checked all this, make sure your bearing holders are not too tight, they should be just tight enough to not rattle and wobble around (no play), if you squeeze to much your bearings will break.
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cure, loosening, pedals

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