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Yay! Zombie threads!

I learned at the age of 13 on a 20" unicycle that was about 3 inches too short (I had the 200mm neck rather than the 300mm, I guess -- it was a Schwinn).

The first day, I managed 3 revolutions; that was my goal, and I mostly did it in my bedroom, which is fairly large, tho I think I was also in the building's basement for a lot of that time.

The 2nd day, I managed 10 revs, which was my Day 2 goal.

By day 3, I could ride pretty well and could almost pass level 1 (tho I didn't know about the levels). I think I could freemount, and I could definitely turn pretty well.

Each day, I worked at it for 3 hours, so I've always known that my learn-time was 9 hours, tho when I finally got the right sized neck, it was MUCH easier. I probably could have learned faster had I started with it.

I taught all of my kids to ride before they turned 8 (two were going on 8, and the other was going on 7). It took them AGES to learn, probably because they didn't have much in the way of core muscle strength or control. When I taught myself uni'ing at 13, I'd already been pogo sticking for years.

I have a new student who just got his unicycle 2 days ago, so I asked him to keep track of how much time he spends. I hope he can learn in under 9 hours.
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Originally Posted by David_Stone View Post
(I had the 200mm neck rather than the 300mm, I guess -- it was a Schwinn).
Then you must have had one of the "original generation" Schwinns; there was nothing metric about those! I think the seat post choices were 9" and 17". And yeah, the 9" on a 20" was fairly low.

Part of my 'learning to ride' saga includes a one-time ride on a 24" unicycle, where I went maybe 100 meters on my one and only attempt. I wonder how long it would have taken me to learn if I'd had one of those! It would have at least eliminated the 3-year gap in my learning, after the POS Troxel broke and I couldn't make it rideable.
I taught all of my kids to ride before they turned 8 (two were going on 8, and the other was going on 7). It took them AGES to learn, probably because they didn't have much in the way of core muscle strength or control.
Another factor in that is motivation level. Certainly they were all motivated, because they did learn. But what percentage of that motivation was "because dad wants me to"? It's hard to know. But well done in any case; I think in most families with parents who ride, while some of the kids often learn, it's relatively rare for them all to take an interest. I'm sure having your own unicycle club helps.
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If it's anything like juggling, probably a few years and counting for me.
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One thing I have noticed about almost every post on this forum by people claiming to have learned or taught someone to ride in a couple of hours or less is that there was no clinging to a wall or fence.

I learned to ride six years ago, when I was already solidly middle-aged. On weekends, a generous character from the neighborhood who sometimes showed up in a nearby park with pogo sticks and hula hoops would sometimes place a rickety Torker CX20 between two steel barricades for anyone to try out. I had sat in this semi-official unicycle learning station two or three times over the course of a year or so and didn't learn a thing. No one else who sat there ever learned to ride either, at least not that I saw.

But I had already learned to walk on a slackline by repeatedly getting on and falling off, and had noticed that no other method would ever work, so one day I quietly removed the unicycle from the unicycle learning station and went over to a pole on a nearby volleyball court. I used the pole to mount, and then tried to ride away from it. Within a half hour or so, I was occasionally managing to go for flailing rides of 5 or 10 meters across the concrete.
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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Learning to unicycle borders on insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
I really like that statement... I'm about one week in to my learning, and I'm sure the neighborhood thinks I'm insane... and yes, I keep trying over and over. The odd time I get a different result (I think the furthest I've made it is 43' so far). That being said, the kids on the street are always there to cheer me on when I go more than a couple revolutions. I think it's only other adults who must think I'm crazy.
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