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is what it is
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Originally posted by harper
Postit notes stick longer with SuperGlue, I hear.
You've been listening to the demons, haven't you?!
"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." - Bertrand Russell
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768 - It's in your DNA
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Originally posted by maestro8
You've been listening to the demons, haven't you?!
Yes. I have been channeling the ghosts of Sofa, Gluteous Maximus, and sendhair.
-Greg Harper

Destroying the climate by shutting down nuclear power plants, one by one, since 1979.

Change is good. Bills are better.
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"a celebration of human individuality and the human form."

Originally posted by john_childs
I'm getting some good ideas for the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade next year. Don't make me do it.
I think they don't get arrested because the cops put handcuffs on a nude person for fun, not work....

Celebrate John!! In what ever way you please!

Billy Your site said:

What are the naked cyclists trying to prove--beyond their right to "go as bare as you dare," that is? Believe it or not, there are political divisions in the naked-bike-riding community. Ride organizer Conrad Smith, of Vancouver, BC (a city that has seen seven nude rides to date), says the World Naked riders are "much more political than the solstice riders." Smith calls the World Naked Bike Ride "an offshoot of Critical Mass," a guerrilla bike event at which bicyclists clog streets at rush hour, stopping traffic. "This is a celebration of bicycles and a protest against oil dependency." Oh, yeah--and "a celebration of human individuality and the human form." We'll see about that. With 60 percent of Americans now overweight, maybe they should do a little less celebrating and a lot more concealing.
While you and I are having our cake-and-ice-cream party, the others are having a drink-the-blood-of-the-poor party in the back room. --[QUOTE=maestro8;1433130]
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posting, putting

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