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Old 2016-07-06, 09:39 PM   #16
This space available
LanceB's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Northridge, CA
Age: 67
Posts: 1,701
20" Freestyle/learner
19" Impact Gravity
24" KH muni
26" Nimbus
G32" (Custom build with KH36 frame)
"I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."
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Old 2016-07-07, 02:56 AM   #17
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 35
I started unicycling last summer on a Nimbus Muni 24, with the goal of graduating to a fat tire and selling the 24 at some point.

After adding the Hatchet, I not only kept the 24, but added an Equinox Street so I could learn tricks easier.

Now with three unis, I can see myself adding a 32 or 36" at some point so I can do some road work, dang these things are addictive
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Old 2016-07-07, 09:55 AM   #18
I don't like unicycling, I love it.
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Oslo (Kolbotn), Norway
Age: 55
Posts: 654
I have too many unicycles, Here is the list with prices and why I got them:

Trainer 24 (NOK 1 300)
UDC Sweden recomended this as an adult learner - collecting dust now.

Qu-Ax Cross 29 (NOK 2 000)
Felt I needed something between 24 and 36 (wich was my ultimate goal). I later chopped down the frame to make it fit my oldest kid. Collecting dust now, but my youngest kid might need it in a couple of years.

Nimbus Nightrider Impulse Disc 36 (NOK 6 000)
36'er was my reason to get into unicyling. This was the coolest one on the market in my opinion. Still my main 36'er.

KH 26 (NOK 4000)
Maybe try Muni? Yes, let's get a KH26. Timoteusmunk uses it when he is visiting Norway. Otherwise collecting dust.

Schlumpf hub (NOK 10 000)
I really wanted to try this, and it would also be great to get to my trail head on a schlumped KH26. Collecting dust now, but I might put it in a 29'er later.

KH 29 (NOK 4 000)
For winter riding with a studded tyre. Wanted something better than the Qu-Ax even though the Qu-Ax was just fine. I use it mainly in the winter.

Dodger 12 (NOK 900)
Got it for my oldest kid, but none of my kids managed to learn to ride on this one. I got a few videos out of it. Fun to ride.

Only One 16 (NOK 700)
Both kids learned on this. Easier to ride than the Dodger. Other kids use it from time to time.

KH 20 (NOK 3 500)
Wanted something I could bring with me on holidays. The kids use it too. (I have two sets with seatposts/seats)

Oracle 24 (NOK 4 000)
Wanted a smaller wheel and a wider tyre for muni than the KH26. Collecting dust, but it's back up for the bigger 26'er brother

KH 36 (NOK 3 200)
I've had som problems with the Nimbus 36, and therfore needed a back up. Hate being without a 36'er. Got the KH for a great price. Timoteusmunk uses it too.

Oracle 26 (NOK 4 000)
I like the Oracle 24, but wanted something bigger. Put on a Surly Knard . Great uni.

Unknown 20 (NOK 150)
Second hand. Got this for my youngest kid. Painted it purple and put on a pink tyre. She loves it.

Nimbus Hatchet fat 26 (NOK 9 000)
Couldn't resist. No dust, only mud on this one.

Total: NOK 52 750 (prices are from memory)

I have also bought two more unicycles as gifts to my nephews, which means I have bought 15 unicyles in six years.
UniMyra's YouTube channel
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Old 2016-07-07, 10:24 AM   #19
Siddhartha Valmont
Siddhartha Valmont's Avatar
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Nearby Boston, MA
Posts: 1,433
Originally Posted by UniMyra View Post
I have also bought two more unicycles as gifts to my nephews, which means I have bought 15 unicyles in six years.
Impressive list

Makes me feel great to manage to keep the count low (just reached 4 full uni after 10 years -- not counting gifts)
=> CrMo 29: KH XC rim, Nimbus CrMo hub, Spirit 110/137 & Schwalbe Big One
=> Flansberrium 26: Nextie rim, JumboJim 4.0, Spirit 127/150mm, M4O ISIS
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Old 2016-07-07, 07:12 PM   #20
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Duiven, The Netherlands
Age: 44
Posts: 994
That was a nice vid of the Nimbus Hatchet UniMyra. Norway does have a lot nicer nature than boring Denmark Im jealous at how easy it is for you to ride a little and hop and just ride on.
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Old 2016-07-07, 07:13 PM   #21
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 1,110
It's tricky because I do a lot of swapping parts around. I'm sure I forgot one or two but here's my list:

29" KH Schlumpf
26" Flansberrium
26" Nimbus Oracle frame with wheel from Nimbus muni
26" Nimbus frame freewheel unicycle
24" KH muni for basketball
24" Qu-Ax QX frame freewheel unicycle
20" Nimbus Equinox with wheel from 20" KH flatland

Lended out or not currently riding:
36" KH
24" KH muni with Nimbus wheel (I use the wheel as a backup for basketball)
24" Nimbus ultimate wheel
20" freewheel unicycle
20" fatwheel unicycle
20" Huffy Pro Slider peg unicycle
20" LoopWheels peg unicycle
20" 3.8x geared freewheel unicycle
20" Nimbus freestyle
20" KH Flatland with wheel from 20" Nimbus X

Extension for double wheel (can use on my 20" unicycles)
BC plates
Flansberrium frame
Triple Triton frame
Nimbus 24" frame (3)
26" Nimbus Dominator+ rim
Nimbus drift trike hub (3)

Sold/Given away/Trashed:
29" Torker Unistar DX
24" Surly Conundrum frame
24" Club
24" freewheel (wheel only)
20" BC wheel (wheel only)
20" Nimbus trials
20" Koxx One Alien Backflip trials
20" Nimbus X frame with generic 20" wheel
20" generic frame with Huffy Green Machine freewheel
20" 6' giraffe
20" 5' Torker giraffe
12" generic
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Old 2016-07-07, 07:47 PM   #22
late-night rider
juggleaddict's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Age: 30
Posts: 1,281
Send a message via AIM to juggleaddict
20" Nimbus X
24" Nimbus Muni
26" Surly Conundrum
29" Nimbus Muni
32" Oracle (fiancee's wheel)
36" Nightrider Pro (my first wheel, still my most ridden)
36" KH Schlumpf

A little bit of everything. Fan of steel obviously. : P

soon to be a proud owner of a... special Flansberrium. ; )
Steel is real! => I ride a Nimbus!
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Old 2016-07-08, 11:03 AM   #23
One is enough
Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: Western NC
Age: 51
Posts: 183
Nice Unimyra. It was nice to see the progression from start to now. I'm only starting out, so:

Nimbus Club 26"
Nimbus Oracle 26
Nimbus Trials 20"

This was in the first 4 months of riding. Injury has slowed the acquisitions, but I'm sure once I'm back at it, I'll start trying to keep up with you folks. Yes, one is enough... by that I mean one wheel for riding, clearly.
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes" Henry David Thoreau
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Old 2016-07-08, 05:26 PM   #24
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Sydney, NSW
Posts: 429
Complete Unicycles

19" KH Street (2015)
19" Impact Gravity White
19" KH Street
19" Impact Gravity Black

20" Reagent 100mm Cranks (Hockey)
20" Reagent 100mm Cranks (Hockey) (I have two identical in case I break a part in comp)
22" Flansberrium (Hockey)
22" KH 24 Frame (Hockey)
24" Impact Gravity with wheel cover (Hockey)

24" KH Muni (Onza)
26" KH Muni with disc brake
24" Surly Conundrum
26" Surly Conundrum

29" KH with handlebars. Has a hydrolic rim brake but since adding the handlebars the line isn't long enough so I have to fix that.

Rare or Collected Frames
Koxx Karbon Koncept x 2
Koxx Rail Hunter (white)
Koxx Rail Hunter (black)
Koxx Black Domina
Koxx Green Spirit in terrible condition still looking for a new one
Koxx Alien Blackflip x 2
Koxx XTP
Koxx Titanium
KH Dual Crown
Triton 19" Frame

20 learner unicycles I bought to teach some kids at a school for a while.
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Old 2016-07-08, 06:13 PM   #25
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: Utah
Age: 18
Posts: 36
20" Torker LX
20" Nimbus Performer Giraffe
20" Sun XL fat Uni

The Sun XL is a super fun Uni, its similar to the Nimbus Purple Monster. I put an Origin8 Tsunami Fat tire on it with a bit more aggressive grip than the original tire, and it is a blast. Taking it with me to San Diego Next week, super excited to ride on the beach with it.
The "never get laid" comments on YouTube are from guys who feel threatened because they can't ride a unicycle. ~LargeEddie

- Custom KH24 (80's paint job )
- Torker LX 20"
- Freewheel 26"
- Nimbus 26" Muni -
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Old 2016-07-08, 09:47 PM   #26
29"er everyday
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Canada
Posts: 8
I've only got my two:
  • A 20" learner wheel of unknown brand. Gotta be decent quality, since I rode it for ~5 years, up until I got my...
  • Nimbus Oracle, 29", no handbrake. Rode it for a year, before it got stolen and I had to buy a replacement. It's now been just over a year for this one. Replaced the saddle with a KH Fusion Zero already, but might need to look at additional maintenance.

Probably gonna need to start riding my 20" and learning some tricks soonish; these past six years have been mostly spent on commuting to uni on uni.
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Old 2016-07-09, 05:02 PM   #27
pierrox's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Between Paris, Grenoble, NY and NC
Age: 48
Posts: 1,313
And here's my stable, current:
  • KH 24" 2012 currently with a first generation Schlumpf Hub and Magura brakes,
  • KH 29" Road Uni with 125mm cranks,
  • QU'AX 36" with 125/150mm cranks, disc brake,
  • Nimbus 24" Basketball Uni with 125mm cranks,
  • Nimbus 20" Equinox Freestyle Uni with 100mm cranks,
  • FranKHenstein 29" Muni with Nimbus hub, Impact Seat post and 150mm cranks,

and past:
  • Nimbus II 24" Muni with 150mm cranks, back in the saddle uni! Bought in 2011 in the same shop as NoName below, sold when KH24" came for Xmas,
  • Kahero 20" basic uni, bought to work on beginner's skills, sold a couple of months later when bought Nimbus 20",
  • Impact 19" Trials, 140mm Eiffel cranks, sold because gathering dust, running out of space, and needing an excuse to finance the Schlumpf hub,
  • NoName Chrome Shitty 20", bought in 1996, first attempt at uni, rode but never proficiently, disappeared in a garage fire circa 2000.

  • 26" or 24" Muni to stay with the FrankenKH, USA resident...
  • Spare (bin parts?) Muni for the Alps, at the parents...
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Old 2016-07-09, 08:13 PM   #28
56 blood donations :)
Sanne.Kj's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Denmark
Age: 62
Posts: 594
I have these:

20" QU-AX Luxus freestyle, chrome with green tyre
24" QU-AX standard for track racing, black + extra tyre for muni
24" Nimbus muni, orange (I don't use it very much, because it is heavy)
26" QU-AX muni with aluminium frame (not so heavy!), white + extra tyre for road
29" rather old UDC for road, chrome with rusty spots

Best regards,
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Old 2016-08-04, 09:09 PM   #29
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Duiven, The Netherlands
Age: 44
Posts: 994
Now I can add one more to my list. This week I bought the 19" Qu-Ax Long neck Trials uni, since I didn't have any trials unis yet.
On the pic is also my 29" Nimbus. The big brother. Now I have 7 total.

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Old 2016-08-13, 09:34 AM   #30
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Between Paris, Grenoble, NY and NC
Age: 48
Posts: 1,313
Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
  • 26" or 24" Muni to stay with the FrankenKH, USA resident...
It's on its way!
Got a 24" used KH frame, have a hub, spokes, saddle, cranks, pedals. So I ordered a rim and a tire - the new Specialized 24". Can't wait to get all the remaining parts... and then build and true the wheel.
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