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It looks like it might be stressful on the knees. How do your knees feel after riding a UW.
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Leg armor

i have been reading about the UW and have a 24" nimbus in the closet ready to go. I am not sure about the leg armor though i have been looking at the options posted on this forum here and there and as far as i can tell the options are either hard plastic hockey shin guards or maybe the KH leg armor. The latter would be nice to have since it can be used for muni/tricks as well due to the integrated knee protection. It is kind of expensive if it wears down quickly though. Any thoughts? Anyone using KH leg armor with a UW?

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The hard plastic works well, but wears through fairly quick. On the upside, as you get more confident with riding it the wheel hits your leg a lot less often. I am currently looking for some kind of softer pad that I can strap on just where the wheel hits. I have to look through some of the old threads. I seem to remember a couple of lighter more flexible options that people liked.

My knees haven't been a problem mostly due to the knee covereage of the Mylec pads I've been using. Still, I don't know if I really need that much at this point. It was certainly helpful in the beginning!
"A properly ridden unicycle is like an object in orbit: constantly falling but never landing." -Diogenes
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North Shore ridin'
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How long does it take to learn to ride an ultimate wheel?

28+ years. I still mostly suck at it. I built my first Ultimate Wheel in 1986. I should practice more.

I built mine from a Unicycle Factory Ultimate Wheel kit. It's essentially a bracket to attach the pedals to. You supply the rest, including a piece of 3/4" plywood to fill the rim. I made mine pretty, with a blue alloy 24" Miyata rim. I used a sabre saw to cut two Uni-Cyclone-shaped holes in the wood and painted it nicely. I brought it to the 1986 National Unicycle Meet, which was followed by the second Unicon.

IUF founder Jack Halpern ended up losing his on his trip there, and wanted to buy mine. It was less than a month old, and I had barely spent any time on it. So I offered him a riduculous price ($160 in 1986 dollars), and he accepted! So it went to Japan and I was again without my own UW.

14 years later, Jack brought it to Beijing for Unicon X. It looked a lot older and had been sloppily repainted, but was otherwise fine. He gave it back to me and I was able to bring it back home.

Anyway, don't follow the above sequence if you want to become an expert Ultimate Wheel rider.

It's in the foreground in the picture below, which was taken in 2002.
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John Foss

"Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"
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Originally Posted by UMan View Post
Here's a video of a good run from three days ago:
Learning to ride the ultimate wheel - YouTube
Are you still on the forum? I was wondering did you learn freemounting from day one or also start rolling by holding a fence or post?

Today I just stood on it in the living room holding on to the wall, just to get a bit of a feel for it. As with a unicycle, when holding on to something, I get on with a 6-12h position and then roll forward a bit with the front foot a bit higher, but as soon as the wheel hangs against the left( my front) leg, I lose all balance. I reckon it is better to first learn to get the feel for actually riding it and afterwards learn to freemount the darn thing. That is what I noticed with learning to mount the 36". When you know how it behaves during a ride, it is easier to freemount and take off.
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I'd say learn with a lamppost. First, it is less tiring to mount and you are concentrating on rolling only, not on rolling AND straghtening up. Next, freemounting a UW is surprisingly easy once you learnt how to do 5-10 revs.
Finally, starting from the same point every time is cool to see your progress. Mark your records and goals with a pebble.
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learn, learn to ride, long, ride, ultimate, ultimate wheel, wheel

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