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North Shore ridin'
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Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
His learning techniques are exactly what I have seen and encouraged in my rapid learners.
We don't know that he hasn't been reading here on the forums, and picking up on OneTrack's techniques...
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
His seat was low enough for him to be able to mount in this position.
Also he figured out really fast that he wanted the seat to be higher.
John Foss

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Gotta Support Onetrack on this

A beginner should be focusing on riding with maximum "control/balance". That can only mean more weight on the pedal and less on the seat. Not the other way around.

The physics is simple. If you have weight across your pedals, it's like a ballast that maintains vertical torque from both sides. (How does an ultimate wheel stay up, Right?). Think of walking across a tight rope with your hands tied. You need them, right? Next time you ride over grass or roll down a curb, how do you keep from falling? Full weight on seat, or more pedal weight? Have you ever ridden over a speed bump with all your weight seated? Yup, you know what happenned!! So, why tell beginners to do that? He/she will figure out the fully weighted thing naturally as they get better.

Anyways, this is my humble opinion. Also, regarding the statement who's a better teacher the guy who could do it in 2 hrs, or the guy who took 70 hrs(...tried everything, watched everything, read everything, and invented some new methods)? I think it's obvious, now.

Experts can teach experts(or high potentials). These "naturals/potentials" can watch an expert, and think "i can do that"...and then they do it. Just like that.
However, for Lousy beginners(like myself)we know a lot more tricks/methods from our fails to share with other "unnaturals" who are ready to give up after 15 hrs.., 100 or more hrs!!!

Peace...and keep on riding...all

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one wheeled cycling
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Well, I'll move this discussion on (hopefully).

There's now unicycle school on:
Getting Comfortable on Your Unicycle

180° Twists

180° Unispins


While the editing is a little bit ADD friendly for me, I like the concept of the "homework": Little things to practice, that most people won't need an extra tutorial for.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. -Douglas Adams.
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beginner, brill, chris, eli, huriwai, tutorials

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