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fail better.
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Originally Posted by MuniCO View Post
I was thinking about this thread today. I was out on a trail by myself for two hours and saw one mountain biker the whole time. It was overall a pretty bad ride on a new trail that was above my skill level. I had a couple of UPDs that hurt. I got to thinking about what would happen if I were to break my leg or arm or bash my face into that tree I just barely missed. Cell service is nonexistent where I was. Anyone have any "survival" stories? It's not like I'm going to give up solitude and being out of cell range on the slight chance I might get hurt, but this was all on my mind when I took a fall today. I have a couple of crumpled band aids in my bag, but no real first aid kit. I guess you'd have to hobble on down the trail or hope for somebody to pass by. Or just not get hurt in the first place.
Yeah, for me I ride alone, without any reception or another soul within miles. The trails can get pretty gnarly. That scenario crosses my mind once in a while. Im not young anymore so I (try)to play it safe. I used to trip up on a trail downhills and stubbornly repeat it til i get it right. Now I play it a little bit more conservatively, I "ll only attempt it 3 or 4 times, "because it aint gonna happen today", rather than chancing of hopping back on one leg and pushing the damn wheel down. I dont mind to wuss out*( darn that sounds old), if i figure its beyond my level, because i would rather ride another day. My family is not good at taking broken bones, i would be the first if it happens, and that wouldnt be good for my anticipated retirement hobby

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Haha obviously this thread has captured the imagination from what I read. So, I really wanted to add a caveat to my earlier post about falling and fracturing my pelvis. Because of the humour involved!

Someone mentioned using a cell-phone ('mobile' in my case). So, two comical things when I fell off. I dragged myself to the side of the road along the floor - but remember hestitating each time a car came past as I didnt want to look weired!

Then lying on the pavement, in increasing pain, but still on the mobile I was talking to the emergency-line contact - after dialing 999 - the emergency service number. He was the only thing I had to establish help and support.

I said to him I have just fallen off my bike and I am lying on the pavement and I feel badly injured. Notice I didn't say 'unicycle'. It's so easier than to explain the one-wheeled syndrom. ...and in any case joe public says, 'another clown!'

Wow I couldnt want to be in a better situation for medical support. The man asks me to describe my situation. ' I am lying on the pavement in increasing pain - I think I may pass-out'. My man on the mobile tells me OK a 'fast responder is on the way'. This means a person with some 'gas' will be with you asap. Lovely, a man arrives within minutes and administers something in a gas bottle though a mask. Feels good, blocks the pain, but I relapse and the pain creeps back.

No need for the mobile anymore. I am being tended to and the ambulance is on its way. The ambulance arrives - with the drug that kills all pain. Its called morphine and it makes you feel so relaxed yet still cognitant to a good degree.

So, the ambulance men say, 'lets get you to hospital' and start to strap me to a stretcher and load me in the ambulance. "Whoah! no you cant do that!" There is a bus pulling up opposite and everyone in the bus is goosenecking at my predicament! I tell the medics to wait until the bus has gone! So there is a 'Monty Python' pause as we wait there me on the stretcher half in the ambulance, and the medics frozen in time! I think I remember saying to them....Could you just wait a minute because this is so embarrassing and for a few moments we are hung there frozen until the bus went off! The look on the medics faces was classic.

Other humerous recollections include the four ladies in the car that stopped to help. Then curiously asked where's the rest of your bike? They imagined it was worse than it was and I had been run-over by a car that split my bike in two! But they did cheer me up when they said I was as white as a sheet.

Lou Read should have done a song that included morphine. Perhaps he did. When I got to hospital it was classic. Spaced out on morphine perfectly happy I had to laugh at the exclamations coming from the staff in the next room. "What is that!" "How do you get on it" " That is impossible". Yup the 36 that came with me in the ambulance was introducing itelf....
1 wheel, 1 day, 100 miles, 64 years...
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fail better.
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+1! Awesome resiliency you are!!
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Originally Posted by Geomu View Post
One night, not long ago, I was driving home and got a text from my mother-in-law (A.K.A. mbalmer): "Are you guys home?" (we live with my in-laws). I figured it was a group text with my wife. I assumed my wife was home and would respond. When I got home mbalmer was still not home and my wife had not heard from her. I check facebook and found a post from mbalmer about being stuck out on a trail. Feeling guilty I called her cell. She had been out for a muni ride and fell hard. Unable to ride or walk she scooted out on her rear, dragging the unicycle along. When she got back to the road the gate into the park was locked and she couldn't get out. A drunk couple happen by and helped her jump the gate. She just got back to her car when I called. Turns out she broke her foot and I'm the horrible son-in-law that didn't show up to help.
I love that she posted on Facebook about being stuck on a trail but didn't bother to include that info in the text. I'm glad she's okay! And that video of her on the scooter cracks me up! She seems like a pretty cool lady.
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Just figured I'd mention SPOT beacons to those who are worried about remote areas without cell service and getting hurt. I've yet to need to use mine, though a friend wasn't nearly so lucky. It definitely brings a lot of peace of mind.
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wobbling bear
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as I explained in a previous post my worst injury while learning was smashing my Achille's tendon.
I was learning to freemount the Coker , missed a freemount, falled forward and the saddle handle cut my Achille's tendon.
The most curious thing was that my MD didn't realize I had a severed tendon and so I tried to walk for 2 weeks ... and ended up in the emergency ward ! (incredibly you can walk with a severed Achille's tendon!).

The sad thing is that ever since I fear freemounting the Coker and so stick to Muni.
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Originally Posted by monocyclism View Post
I trust you are feeling increasingly confident after your injury.
So, yes, after a year, I am feeling more confident. Sounds like my rehab regime was similar to yours -- months of practicing in the safety of my small back yard. Looking back, a big waste of time, as I could only go back and forth 12 ft. Barely enough space to mount and get a few peddles in -- but I did slowly regain my confidence and am now doing 3 - 5 miles.

After four months I was making tentative attempts at mounting. No riding, just mounting. Up-and-down, up-and-down...
you were determined to get back on -- I can relate to that. Up-and-down, up-and-down....did that for several months too.
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Assisted Mount Injury

My worst injury to date wasn't even from a UPD, though I've certainly had plenty of those as well.

The first weekend of learning to ride my uni (just over a month ago now) I was using a chain link fence for an assisted mount and then riding along while using the fence for support. Somehow i torqued my left shoulder, probably from maintaining a death grip on the fence while falling off . Its just now feeling better, but its been a steady regimen of Advil and stretching for the last month.

The upside is that it pushed me into using a curb mount early on, and I've recently graduated to the tire grab mount as my go to.
Unicycling makes things better
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I've brought it up in other threads, but mine involves a little math.

+a Nightfox
+a small bike path
+a group of high school girls
-knee guards

=my life.
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Hey, wfcentral! I was out your way back in late December and early January, and it was COLD! Not so cold lately.

Like you, I started back a couple of months ago after not riding for years and had to re-learn to ride. The worst injuries in my youth learning to ride in '86 were from the pedals hitting my shins and calves, but I was pretty used to that from the nasty pedal bites I'd get from the BMX style bike I rode at the time. I still have chunks of shin bone missing from those days.

Thankfully, I haven't had any injuries from re-learning to ride recently. I think that it's because I've been increasingly more active outdoors in the last year doing things like rollerblading, bicycling, and even a little skateboarding and snowboarding here and there. I used to do many of those things in my youth, and I think it helps doing all of it again. They all seem interrelated.

Good luck with everything, and I hope there are no serious injuries going forward. Maybe consider getting some good protective gear if you're still getting injured (which may make you feel more confident) and take it as easy as you need to.
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I have been riding for just over a year now. I regularly do between a 5 and 10 km ride.

About three weeks ago, I was coming up to a stop street, car was coming so I decided to dismount. It was on a downhill and I intended to rear dismount. Took my feet off the pedals and started to coast along without a foot on the pedals. I know this is an acquired skill (I have never done it before), but I got such a fright, I kicked the uni away. It flew straight at the edge of the curb, tyre exploded and it rebounded towards my head. I put my arm up to protect my face and ended up with a tyre print bruise along the back of my arm. Never thought it was possible to get a bruise of the tyre print.

Fast forward three weeks...trying to learn to mount the uni on an uphill, mistimed it and my pedal spikes ripped a hole in my shin. 10stitches later. I left the docs rooms and went straight to buy myself shin guards.

I only have a 29inch QUAX, maybe not the best to learn new skills on. Since bought a 20 inch QUAX for that purpose.
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far to public

I have learned to unicycle in college and one day I was rode to a bicycling club meeting. I was at the meeting and was getting kind of board so I sat on my unicycle against the wall and decided to use the wall next to me to brace my self and work on idling. My tire hit the wall behind me and i fired of the front of the bike getting rug burn on the top of my foot and knee. I still have scares from it although I think my pride was more injured.
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injury, learning, ride, worst

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