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Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
I also like the reliable effortless free mounting. Pop it under and ride away.
Yeah that certainly is true about the 19/20 inch the effortlessly freemounting. Mostly when changing wheel sizes, the first time always fails, just feeling where the middle is and as happened today with the 32" I reckoned even though with wobbly take off, there is no need to step off and try again. It is easy enough to catch yourself and continue on.
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Danny Colyer
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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
20" unis are great for tricks and trials ... and terrible for anything else.
I disagree. 20" is the size to use for hockey. Which is, of course, the main reason for riding a unicycle.
"I'm riding a unicycle with my pants down. This should be every boy's dream." - Bart Simpson
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one wheeled cycling
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Originally Posted by Danny Colyer View Post
I disagree. 20" is the size to use for hockey. Which is, of course, the main reason for riding a unicycle.
You are correct, forgot about that I'm pretty sure it's the best for slackline or tightrope riding, and probably track coasting, too.
I do: Trials, Flat, Street, Downhill. Sometimes Freestyle.
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North Shore ridin'
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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
(I personally almost exclusively use a 20", because I mostly care about learning new things, not riding any distances), and terrible for anything else.
If I may, 20" is terrible for going any long distance, or at high speeds (at least outside of the hockey rink).
Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
Shirt cranks allow a slightly higher top speed and a higher cruising speed, but at the cost of reduced fine control especially on hills or when you need to change speed suddenly.
I don't know how much of an influence this has been on the large manufacturers, but also we now use 125mm as the crank length for Track racing. This is something only a tiny fraction of the world's unicyclists will ever do or care about, but I seem to see more of that size cranks on 24" conventional unicycles these days. It's a good all-around size for riding, except for on rough terrain, where you'll want to go longer.
Originally Posted by Mikefule
I have 125s on my 20 at the moment. Then again, I have 11s on my 28!
I'd like to see those 11s. How do they have room for two holes?

I also used to use 125s on my 20". Back in the day, that's what came on the Miyatas and, once I made the switch to 20" (from 24") in the early 80s, all of my Freestyle and most of my performing were done on a 20" with 125s. Those seem incredibly long by today's Freestyle standards, with the pedals hitting the floor all the time. On my "new" Freestyle uni (circa 1995), I started with 110, couldn't cope, and switched to 114s. Then I started riding more Muni and less Freestyle, so that's still the setup. If I ever go back to riding in gyms, I will definitely play with much shorter cranks and see what I can learn to do with them. I'll probably start with 102s...
John Foss

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Ah, yes.

Short cranks, not shirt cranks, and 114s on my 28, not 11s.

You thought Fat Fingers was an overweight pickpocket until you saw my typing.
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eek 20

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