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Kenny Cason
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Question How to travel with a 26" and a trials

I know there are many threads about traveling with unis so please forgive me but this is about two specific sizes: 26" muni and 19" trials

I'm heading to nationals this summer and can't seem to get both unicycles into a single container that qualify as a checked bag. I'm flying United so the LxWxH must add up to 62 inches or less. Looks like I'll have to pack each separately and pay for both as checked bags unless someone has a brilliant idea. If I were Q from StarTrek TNG I'd simply change the universal constant but my powers are less than stellar.

Normally I have someone driving there who can take my unis with them. Not the case this year. FedEx and UPS will charge about $70 each way so checking them separately is ~$20 less ($25 + $25).

- Kenny
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I have a S and S Backpack made for coupled 26" wheeled bikes. It's 26"x26"x10" and fits a whole bike so I think you might get two unicycles to fit within those dims. You could try fitting both unis with a box that size. Of course you'd have to take the frames off the wheels. Perhaps make a box from a bike box? I recently made a box out of a coroplast sheet from Home Depot. Or make a simple bag that's 31" X 31" and line it with coroplast or cardboard.

Or do what John Foss does. There's another current thread on this topic with a link to the bag he uses.

Good Luck!
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North Shore ridin'
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Here's my same answer repeated from that other thread:

This link shows the type of bag I use (available from the Korean luggage vendor(s) at my local flea market) and how I cram it all in there. I always use some super-light padding, but weigh the finished product because airlines are VERY weight-sensitive these days:


That link goes to the first of 9 images. In that trip I brought 3 unicycles, with my nominally 26" Muni as the biggest. But 29" Muni fits in those bags just as well. Take the frame off, and you don't need all the zippered extensions open. Mostly I try to keep it one zipper shorter than what's shown there.

What I don't have is a recommended link to an online source for those bags, but they've got to be out there. I usually pay $25-30 for one of those; some are more durable than others but you've got to expect cheapness; they aren't good for more than half a dozen trips or so. The size is nominally 24". I think that's what they call them, but you can put a 29" wheel in there (tire on). Also I don't know what you call that type of bag. It would be good to know because it would make it easier finding them online!

EDIT: Found one!
It lacks the second extension, but I haven't used both zippers open in many years; just take your frames off the wheels.
John Foss

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." -- Leonard Nimoy

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Kenny Cason
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Location: San Antonio, TX USA
Age: 59
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Thumbs up

Great idea, John! I'll that a try, there should be time between now and then. I've cut down bike boxes in the past but they are difficult to keep secure and not as adjustable.
- Kenny
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how to travel with a 26, trials

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