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Old 2012-01-19, 08:21 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Twente Muni View Post
I am from the Netherlands.

Click on the "map" button on the top of the screen.
I recently learned this, it shows a map with unicyclists positions.
Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
This thread is funny. So far, everyone that's replied with their location, already has it listed with their avatar.
Would never have know without them posting
Originally Posted by saskatchewanian View Post
You guys realize that people not from the states might not know what TN means?
Thank you, thank you... now I don't have to google them all.
Originally Posted by I Uni View Post
That is a more complicated question for me. I was born in Kansas. But I have also lived in New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, and now Sandpoint Idaho. I also lived in Costa Rica for nine months.
Just where you're located NOW, Ethan.
Originally Posted by tobbogonist View Post
Everyone I've come across is from earth, although I cannot speak for everyone else.
Facebook has me at 280 official friends and I can certainly vouch for them.
I will add new friends and inquire but I cannot garantee results.
Some people may not want to be friends but I can still give it a go.

And that concludes a short post illustrating some of the things I can and cannot do.

Stay cool.
I really appreciate the effort though. I'm sure it will keep you busy a while... however, it should be wonderfully rewarding. Go for it!
Half the wheels, double the trouble.

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Old 2012-01-23, 10:14 AM   #32
in the Newcastle area? look me up
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Newcastle, australia.

if you are from my area you will get a kick out of this
Attached Images
If you can't convince them, confuse them.
Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
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Old 2012-01-24, 04:08 AM   #33
North Shore ridin'
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And the rest of us will just say, "Damn, where are my glasses?"
John Foss

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." -- Leonard Nimoy
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Old 2012-01-25, 05:57 AM   #34
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Cape Town - South Africa
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Old 2012-01-28, 04:24 AM   #35
4 Paletten!!!
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I lived in South Germany for my entire life until I decided to move to CA for a year. Don't know where I'll live in September but pretty sure somewhere in Germany again.
"Akrobatisch Erarbeitetes Verkehrs Desaster" - Cyc
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Old 2012-01-28, 04:59 AM   #36
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CA, SF Bay Area here. You would think (and I'm sure that) there are a lot of unicyclists here in the area. I've only seen 1 riding publicly my entire life and I thought I was seeing things watching the guy ride down the sidewalk, cross the street, and continue on his merry way. I actually found it quite funny at the time as I only associated unicycles with clowns and circus acts. I'm sure Berkeley has a lot of unicyclists, just because it's Berkeley.

I like it here, though it's winter time, I can actually go outside and ride around...I can even ditch the jacket since once I get moving I'll be nice and warm.
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Old 2012-02-02, 12:37 PM   #37
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Originally Posted by Modulas View Post
Cape Town - South Africa
hi fellow South African
Half the wheels, double the trouble.
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Old 2012-02-29, 10:32 PM   #38
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Boise, Idaho here*can anybody come teach me anything?
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Old 2012-03-02, 12:00 AM   #39
Winter unicyclist
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Was born in USSR,
now I am in Yakutia - one of national republics in Russland Russia Venaja
Unicycling at -50C
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Old 2012-03-02, 02:21 AM   #40
Live every week like its shark week
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Wisconsin, United States of America. Born and raised, never changed cities. That doesn't say much, though; I'm still a young 'un.

I'm just glad I'm not Canadian
Happy cows come from California. Then at one point, PETA got into the mix and claimed that California cows were not happy. Of course, being the animal experts PETA aren't, they were unable to quantify any method of detecting cow happiness. - JF
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Old 2012-03-08, 11:24 PM   #41
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by young what do you mean... teens?
If you dont succeed at first, try and try again
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Old 2012-03-09, 12:33 AM   #42
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I'll play

Indian Trail , North Carolina USA
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Old 2012-03-11, 07:28 PM   #43
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Greetings all.

I joined the forum a few weeks back and have just been lurking looking through the site.

I'm originally from Seattle Washington, but started riding back in the early 70's in Davenport Iowa. I had a 2nd hand rescued Schwinn that needed some love. It got it, and started me on the path as a unicycle rider.

I continued riding through most of the 70's on that old Schwinn, before I had to let it go. I purchased another ride in the early 80's, when I lived in Morgan City Louisiana. That ride was a very good quality cycle, that I kept for 20 years, before letting my oldest Daughter have it. I wish I had it today.

These days I split my time between the South Atlanta Georgia area, and North Houston Texas area.

I don't have a ride currently but I'm looking for a new cycle. The unicycle.com place is only an hour from my place here in Atlanta, so I'll probably contact them about coming up and seeing the showroom to look at some rides.
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Old 2012-03-16, 03:16 AM   #44
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Originally Posted by unifrque View Post
Where is everyone from?
Most of us are from earth.

+1 866-UNI-CYCL
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Old 2012-03-16, 04:50 AM   #45
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I live on Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands. However, I'm from Ogden, Utah, which is where I'll be returning once I graduate this spring.
This is where Kwajalein is:
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"Cobra on my left, leopard on my right!" -Jim Morrison
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