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Old 2006-02-16, 10:02 AM   #16
UNI branded
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everyone needs at least 10 spline for learning trials imo.
i couldn't imagine breaking another wheelset in under 6 months by buying a square tapered wheelset. yuck.
still... they are cheap. gotta hand them that. imho, buy a qu-ax tho.
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Old 2006-02-16, 09:54 PM   #17
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I have yet to buy a splined anything, and I have done many 4'8" drops with bad landings and have yet to bend my cranks or damage the hub.

Now that being said, I weigh practically nothing, a measily 120 pounds so weight is a huge decision maker when it comes to splined.
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Old 2006-02-16, 10:49 PM   #18
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i weigh 170 pounds, but im not fat or chubby, just muscley, even though i dont relaly look it, its weird, so for me i have to get splined or else ill brake everything else lol, besides splined is better in the long run
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Old 2006-02-22, 09:09 AM   #19
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I weigh about 200 pounds and I have been abusing the nimbus trials for the last year and the hub and cranks are still straight.

My muni is splined but my trials isn't and they are both standing up to all the abuse that I can throw at them, I have done loads of drops of up to about 2 feet and I even used it to learn on so my technique probably wasn't the best when I started doing drops and hoppping up and riding down stairs.

I have had no problems with my nimbus trials at all would reccommend them to anyone who wanted to start riding
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Old 2009-05-02, 08:20 PM   #20
KH20" trials
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yeh, well im wondering if the extra price for a KH 20 is worth it over a Nimbus trials
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Old 2011-12-21, 03:42 PM   #21
now if I could just crankflip
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Thumbs up I know this is an old thread but It could still help someone

Hi I have a nimbus trials and I thinkl it needs a new review now that nimbus is splined.

My unicycle is great. I have ventures on it and I have done slot of 4 to 5 ft drops and the cranks an hub and cranks are still true. The seat is fantastic. Even though this is a 20 I have done some 5 mile muni rides and it is so comfy. The new handle without a hole in it is amazing. It might not seem like a big improvement but it rocks. And the seat is really good for SIF hopping. I have tried seat in front with a kh and this feels better. I know that mine is like 1/2 lb heavier than a kh. Is that worth 200$ more. The creepy crawler tire has gotten me up some sketchy stuff but it does wear pretty quickly. But it will probably last 3 months. I got my nimbus from brandscycle they have a red nimbus right now for 270$ but they don't come with nimbus pedals. They come with gusset pedals. They are the same mold as nimbus pedals but plastic pins instead. They are plenty strong and shin friendly. Over all this is a great
uni if you want to save some money but are ok with 1/2 pound of extra
weight (which is barely noticeable) I will try to post pictures but my camera sucks
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Old 2012-01-04, 05:28 AM   #22
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i didnt relize that the hubs used to be cotterless and now it makes sence. i have had my nimbus trials for 2 months and havedone a lot of street with it. i have kh cranks and seat with pc pedals and it actually in my opinion looksa and feels beter than a kh or gravity
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nimbus 20, review, trials

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