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Rob O'Brien, Sydney
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Riding no hands on a b@&e

I hopped on a mates MTB the other day which is the first time I've ridden more than one wheel for years and found that I can no longer ride no hands.
Seems counter intuitive to me but there you go.
Anyone else out there find the same thing? Or am I just weird/er.
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Not just you - I noticed a very similar issue when out racing my bike the other day. Where previously I was very happy riding no hands, it felt really uncomfortable when I tried.

Doubtless it's just like riding a different sized wheel in that a bit of retraining of the instincts is needed when going back.
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Old 2012-01-02, 12:58 PM   #3
Talent is really an ability to work
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Hmmm. This title caught my attention, but it's contents surprised me.

When I first got my uni, I wondered whether riding a "b*&e" with no hands would help me get my legs, etc. conditioned for uni riding. The thought process was that I could ride the bike with no hands fairly easily, and I could get some exercise that way... but the uni was taking so long I wasn't getting any exercise or conditioning on it.

My new riding friend told me she was doing the same thing, even though we never discussed it.

This must be a common thought, even though when I was learning everyone here said forget the bike, ride the uni over and over until you get it.

My "bike" experiment didn't last long.
I haven't ridden it in months.

So... is there any advantage at all... or any connection at all... between riding a bike with no hands and riding a uni?
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Old 2012-01-02, 02:32 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by 57UniRider View Post
So... is there any advantage at all... or any connection at all... between riding a bike with no hands and riding a uni?
You're sitting in a similar position and pedalling - I think that's about as far as it goes, even the side to side balance is totally different.

Doing wheelies on a bike might be similar to riding a uni - I do think about having another try at that on a bike, and maybe going back to work on my skills now I'm starting to do stuff on a uni I can't do on a bike.
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Hung Like Saddam
Proper Job!
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I couldn't before I learnt to Uni, now I can. Probably just being brave enough just to go for it after riding a Uni.
The mountains’ my playground, a place to unwind
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Old 2012-01-02, 06:30 PM   #6
North Shore ridin'
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No-handing a bike also has something to do with the bike itself. Depending on the steering setup (head tube angle and other factors), some bikes are a lot harder to no-hand than others. Try a racing bike some time. They have a very steep head tube, and can be very no-hands unfriendly! Same for an artistic bike (even steeper head tube), though both are, of course, doable. They have two wheels, after all...
John Foss

"I was younger then, but it felt at the time like it was going like poo off a spade. Great fun." -- Mikefule (he's British)
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b@ande, hands, riding

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