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trying to redress the imbalance
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Recovery - how long for ribs?

Fell off my horse twice on Friday. I've fallen off a lot over the years, normally without more than a few bruises. This time, it wasn't a bad fall, but I landed on my side and as soon as I hit the ground I felt a sharp pain in the back of my ribcage and knew that I had hurt something. I rolled over and got on all fours gasping for breath.

I'm OK, but I get a sharp pain in my back when I try and take a deep breath.

I think I may have cracked a rib. Anyone recognise the symptoms and know how long it will be before I can safely get on my uni again?

(when I say I fell off twice - I damaged myself the first time and then got back on just to show Poppy that she hadn't won, only to end up in the dirt again when she went mad again! I'm not that bad a rider, but I have been trying to get good at bareback [which is why I bought the unicycle] and you do tend to fall off a lot without stirrups to help you out)
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YIKES! i tend to work through my injuries... which means a longer recover but no down time. I would recommend you see a doctor and possibly if recommended get an x ray, that way you will know for sure wether its bruises, cracked or worse.

You may find a product like rub on Lakota will help?


I swear by this stuff!!! when i was getting away from the medical system as i child and i turned to natural herbs/vitamins this was my arthritis stomper! Now i use it for pulled muscles, and light injuries. Its completely natural! It burns like a S.O.B. but it works.

You may also want to try a wrap, go to a shoppers/Walgreens and look for a tension band, you will find applying consistent non direct pressure will help a lot.
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Leaches. Apply liberally.

What is it with people wanting medical advice from randoms on the internet?
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Old 2011-08-08, 04:11 PM   #4
Is it June yet?
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I injured my ribs twice from falls off the unicycle. Once off my 36 out in the street and once off of my 26 going down a steep dirt hill. The second involved doing a cartwheel without my arms. It was like slo-mo and super funny. Anyway, it took about 5 weeks for each injury to go away. Since I don't do tricks, I just kept riding through the weeks of recovery. The only activity I could not do was surf. It hurt with a deep breath or sitting up in bed.

The first time I hurt my ribs I called the doctor and he didn't even want to see me. I didn't bother with the second time. It is likely no big deal but I think it's a good idea to at least call your doctor.
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See a doctor.

In 1974 I separated a rib from the cartilage at the National Sky Diving Championships. Excruciating pain ensued.

In 2007 I broke 2 ribs while ski racing. The latter injury led to pneumonia and a week in the hospital. It was the only time in the past eight years I've had to skip the NASTAR Nationals (ski and snowboard racing).

Ribs are nothing to fool around with. Lungs can get punctured.

I repeat. See a doctor.
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Stupidity gets you 2 of these:
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+1 on the Ace bandage wrap. It will help reduce the pain and serve as a reminder. When you start to feel better if you leave off the wrap you'll feel fine most of the time until you move a bit too fast or not quite the right way and PAIN. Keeping the wrap on will remind you to take it slow and easy and then speeding recovery because you aren't agravating it every several times a day.

I've bruised ribs several times and I think cracked 1+ ribs once. I took care of it myself, but it prob would have been a good idea to go to the hospital to be safe.
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300 degrees for about two and a half hours.
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It shouldn't pose any problem as long as you refrain from sneezing, coughing, laughing and breathing (In that order). If it does wait a few months and check again.

Thanks for asking, I'm a registered loose canon.

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long, recovery, ribs

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