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How many times have you been to NAUCC and where?

Really i would optimistically like a full list of every year, where Naucc has been held. i suppose john foss would be the man to ask about that. But maybe people could just post when they have went and where it was held?
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There's a Wikipedia page that cries out for creation.

I personally have never attended one.
Raphael Lasar

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Technically, those are it. Before 2002, the event was called something else. A different ugly name. But here's the full list.

The Unicycling Society of America counts from the October, 1971 Unicycling Invitational that was held in Central Park in NYC. This was before the USA existed. It was founded in 1973. Then they started having the National Unicycle Meet (NUM):
  • 1973: Pontiac, MI - Pontiac Unicyclists
  • 1974: Marion, OH - Paul Fox Unicycle Club
  • 1975: Pontiac, MI - Pontiac Unicyclists
  • 1976: Marion, OH - Fox
  • 1977: Marion, OH - Fox
  • 1978: Twin Cities, MN - Brett Shockley (predated TCUC)
  • 1979: Findlay, OH - Smiling Faces 4H Unicycle Club
  • 1980: Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Roadrunners
  • 1981: Ann Arbor, MI - Redford Township Unicycle Club (RTUC)
  • 1982: St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Unicycle Club (TCUC)
  • 1983: Syracuse, NY - Ken Fuchs and a small group of people in MI and NY
  • 1984: Findlay, OH - Smiling Faces
  • 1985: Ypsilanti, MI - RTUC
  • 1986: Bowling Green, OH - Smiling Faces
  • 1987: St. Paul, MN - TCUC
  • 1988: Ypsilanti, MI - RTUC
  • 1989: Mobile, AL - Mobile Unicycle Club
  • 1990: Findlay, OH - Smiling Faces/Wood One Wheelers
  • 1991: Chariton, IA - Chariton Unicyclists
  • 1992: St. Anthony, MN - St. Anthony Village Unicycle Club
  • 1993: Adrian, MI - RTUC
  • 1994: Wahpeton, ND - The Anderson family

Starting in 1995 the name was changed to National Unicycle Convention (NUC):
  • 1995: Bowling Green, OH - Wood One Wheelers
  • 1996: Chariton, IA - Chariton Unicyclists
  • 1997: St. Paul, MN - TCUC
  • 1998: Monrovia, CA - Jenni White/Monrovia Unicyclists
  • 1999: North Bend, WA - Panther Pride Demo Team
  • 2000: Adrian, MI - RTUC/Wood One Wheelers
  • 2001: Toronto, Ontario - Toronto Unicyclists

After the first USA convention outside the United States, the name was changed to North American Unicycling Convention and Championships (NAUCC):
  • 2002: North Bend, WA - Northwest Committee for Unicycling Events
  • 2003: Minneapolis, MN - TCUC
  • 2004: Salt Lake City, UT - Carol Bricker with lots of help
  • 2005: Bowling Green, OH - Wood One Wheelers/RTUC
  • 2006: Memphis, TN - Memphis Unicycle Club
  • 2007: Saline, MI - RTUC
  • 2008: Rapid City, SD - YMCA Black Hills Unicycle Club
  • 2009: Bloomington, MN - TCUC
  • 2010: Berkeley/San Francisco, CA - Berkeley Revolution
  • 2011: Madison, WI - Madison Unicyclists

I went to my first in 1980. I've missed 1987, 2009 and will miss 2011. I think that makes 29 I've been to. Of USA conventions. Plus I've been to fifteen Unicons (all of 'em), and numerous other unicycle events and competitions in multiple countries.
John Foss

"I was younger then, but it felt at the time like it was going like poo off a spade. Great fun." -- Mikefule (he's British)

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naucc, times

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