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Originally Posted by TheJoker View Post
soooo... Nimbus 26" with moments or a KH26"?
Both are good. KH is a bit lighter and quite a lot more expensive. We can't decide that for you mate.
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ok. ill see what unicycle.au.com bring in, and if theres a KH26" in their new shipment, ill get it. if not, its the Nimbus.
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Originally Posted by Metaphysician View Post
I decided on a 24" MUni (when I save up the money) because: I'm relatively short (5' 6"), and while I really enjoy MUniing, I also get lots of kicks out of trials stuff when I'm waiting for the train or out with the missis for a walk. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to afford a trials uni anytime in the foreseeable future, especially since the present plan is to get a 29er after the MUni, and a trials uni would at least duplicate the approximate size of my present "trainer" uni. So you see, the 24" was the one that best fit with the rest of the agenda. You've got to plan this stuff out, you see?
I think rider height is an important factor in the 24/26 choice. I'm 6'1" and the 24 seemed a bit small size for me, I'm way more comfortable on the 26.

Kind of like what they say about buying a bike, you need to ride a few and see which one feels best. Unfortunately for most of us you can't just go to the Uni shop and try em out. In the end we end up owning all of them anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter
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Stupidity gets you 2 of these:
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One reason for getting the KH over Nimbus is if you think you might upgrade to a geared hub later on. Others have modified their non - KH frames, but the mod might not work and I think it would void the warranty of the hub. Those who have them say the gearing is too tall w/ a 29" to be worthwhile, and I'm thinking a 26" could be smaller just enough that a highly skilled rider (or w/ big cojones) could definately make use of it IMO (a few that come to mind: fido, Turtle, napalm)

There should be a simple list that could be refered to of all the +/- of the two (and 29" too, maybe).

I rode a 26" for 3 or 4 weeks. One of the many interesting things I noticed about both (24 & 26") is the pedaling felt smoother and less "boxy" on the 26 (both have 170's).

Overall I prefer the 24". I think I'd have to have a lot more leg strength and skill to seriously consider a 26" or bigger Muni. But I'm not a normal case (some paralysis in my legs).
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What's next?
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well im 6'1" and a rower so i have two reasons to get a 26": leg strength and height.
Long Jump: 150cm
High Jump: 70cm

TheJoker = the most patriotic person on the forums.
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Old 2010-04-08, 04:12 PM   #21
Is it June yet?
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When I got my 26" I swore that that was my favorite unicycle. I rode it for about 3 weeks (almost daily) until I decided to take out my 24". When I rode my 24" I realized how much I'd missed it. The fatter tire was so "creamy" compared to the 2.3 tire on the 26". Then, yesterday I rode the 26" and swore that it was my favorite. I guess I love them both. I hope I will love the 26" when it becomes a guni.
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Originally Posted by reprah View Post
Can't you just compromise and get a 25"?
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26 or 24, muni

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