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Yes! Presactly what I thought.
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correct setup of uni for best performance?

what is the correct seat heat etc.. leg positions for unis?

i remember for 2 wheels it was so you could touch flat foot on ground with slightly bent knee, but in practice it's slightly bent knee when you foot is flat and on lower crank fully extended.

Would like to know
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Just put it wherever feels comfortable.
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yeah, tats actuall\y the best advice you can give on this subject...some people prefer different seat heights for different style....personally, I like mine short, because it means I can jump higher seat in, but its really your preference
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It depends on what you're doing. For freestyle and smooth distance riding, you probably want the seat as high as comfortable with your legs fully extended when pedaling. For other kinds of riding, slightly lower to much lower is usually better.

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yeah but you dont want it too low or pedaling will be more difficult
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if you're just learning, you want the seat rather high. your leg should be almost perfectly straight when the pedal is down. actually, that is how it should be almost all the time, whether you're just learning or not...the only time you would want a lower seat is for trials and street riding.
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correct, performance, setup, uni

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