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Originally Posted by UniDoctor View Post
Thanks for the advice.

What do you think of having brakes, are they necessary? Just not sure how quickly I can come to a stop if need be.
I have been using a brake for 3 years, and I cannot do what you're describing. Coming to a quick stop, using the brake, seems like an advanced technique, kind of like braking down a hill and lifting both feet off the pedals. For me, braking is a very controlled, gradual thing. I start putting on the brake before the hill comes. A novice user of the brake described it, on the forum, as an "instant UPD button." A very experienced 36" rider using short cranks could, I suppose, brake very suddenly, but they would have to get the wheel way out in front of them prior to braking, feather the brake and pull back on the seat/bars with the appropriate force...all to avoid a spectacular UPD.

I suggest you (eventually) get a unicycle with a brake and start learning to use it. You don't need hills to practice braking. But, as far as the brake being necessary, maybe not so much for the pancake-flat place you're moving to. A lot of good unicycles ship with a brake. If you have the money for one of them, go for it.

But, for quick stops, I think you'll be relying more on your feet.
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