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Originally Posted by UniDoctor View Post
I've had a unicycle for about 15 years but only just got around to learning to ride it. I can free mount and ride continuously for about 1.5 km without too much trouble. Yet to learn how to idle.

My current uni is a 20 with 127 mm crank arms (inseam 32 - measured as top of pedal in bottom position to saddle with saddle adjusted as high as it can go). My inseam is ~34 (including shoes), and i'm 6 foot. It feels a little short as I can't get my legs anywhere near full extension.

I'm moving countries in a few weeks to somewhere pancake flat. I likely won't take the 20" with me, so before I go I aim to learn to idle and be comfortable riding longer distances.

I'm looking for something I can both commute on (with backpack) and ride on weekends for exercise (ideally 10-15 mph for 1-2 hours) and to explore.

I had in mind getting a 29 with 90-100 mm cranks arms.
Any advice or other factors I should consider when looking for a uni?
Welcome, I see you are new to the forum. Please learn to use the search function, this has been beat to death with such great information in previous posts.
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