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Originally Posted by Catsmeat View Post
Coincidentally enough, I realized that the wall was hindering more than helping me during my practice session tonight, right before I logged in and read your post. As soon as I resolved to ride as far as I could without the wall, I did a stretch of ~20 feet before I UPDed.

I should have been more clear in my OP. When I wrote "mount with either foot," I really meant "mount with either my left side or right side facing the wall, with my left foot down." Shortly after I wrote this post, I forced myself to start mounting with my left side facing the wall, which means I can practice in both directions. It was really hard at first, mainly because I spent so much time favoring the other side, but I got it.

I practiced for about three hours today and made tremendous progress. Today's the first day I felt a spent a fair amount of time actually riding, not just trying to ride. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds. This is the most addictive thing I've ever done, no question.
Addictive yeah, fully agree. I've always been addicted to my puter, being developer and all, but now I'd rather use my uni instead. Why fly a virtual dragon, when you can fly on a unicycle!
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