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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
I just don't tighten my laces too much. That way I can just step in and out of my shoes without ever having to untie them.
It doesn't work that way if you're going fast. If you're going really slow, it's not much of an issue. Keeping the laces short is a very good idea, however this will not prevent them from possibly coming lose.
Originally Posted by Quax1974 View Post
There are many MTB shoes available with Velcro straps
As mentioned earlier, some models of 5/10 MTB shoes (not just BMX variants) have a velcro flap that goes over the laces. Those are the ones I use, though I forget the model name.
Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
Wow...Go Big or stay at Home!!
Really. I ended up staying home from Muni Weekend, but this was mainly because I would have had to miss the last day anyway; we had a pre-planned trip to Cancun. I took some great pictures of the Chichen Itza pyramid, but every time I had to turn my camera to portrait mode, I had to push up the camera with my left hand, while my right held the lens and shutter button. Ouch!
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