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So in attempting to ride clipless yesterday and today I discovered that I only had one pedal that matched the cleats I had available from my dad's old mountain biking stuff (SPD 505 pedals). I proceeded anyway with one platform pedal on the left side and one clipless pedal on the right side.

It turns out that this is actually a pretty good idea! When I fell (do NOT try to ride backwards with 102mm cranks on a 36er with either one or two feet clipped in) I was able to catch myself with the left foot. I could pull up with my right foot and I still felt more attached to the unicycle. I mount and ride one footed with my right foot.

If anyone tries this, refer to the first post on this thread , then put the clipless pedal on the side that you would ride one footed with, regardless of the foot you mount with. For me it would probably be optimal if I mounted with the 'platform pedal foot' so I could run up and mount on the less slippery pedal, then clip in with more control.
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