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REvErSe Ocho 8 Hour Edurance Race, Oct 1st, 2011, Tennessee

It's back, but now it's backwards

I rode this race last Spring, completed two laps in six hours, had a blast, very low key event, great trails, 100% rideable, mostly single track with some double track thrown in, no ashalt!!

If you're in the area, join me and some buddies for this ride

Race Details:

The course includes varied singletrack and doubletrack sections. It has a little bit of all types of terrain in it. The trails go from rocky to rooty to smooth and back again. There are tight twisty sections as well as wide-open doubletrack. The course is the reverse direction of the Ocho.

From the GPS info, the Course is 8.0 Miles with 970 ft of Elevation Gain per Lap. Edit: It's probably closer to 8.7 miles, but who's counting

Online Registration is available until 09-30-10
=>Day of Registration will be available for additional fee<=

Pre-Registration ends September 27th!
Shirts not guaranteed without Pre-Reg!

Registration Includes:
TN Cup Reuseable Cotton Bag
Ocho T-shirt [With Pre-Registration]
Infinit Nutrition Mix during the race
Infinit Nutrition Goodies
Post-race meal
Tasty adult beverages
Free Camping!
and much more to come!

The race will begin promptly at 9:00 AM, Eastern Time.
Check-in and registration will be available on site at the Start/Finish area between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

There will be a cutoff time for the last lap. Riders finishing after this time will not be allowed to continue onto the course for another lap. [~7.25 hours in]

Bike Lights may be necessary due to the timing of the race. Headlamps will be nice after the race is over as well.

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