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Tackling long, slow climbs

Hey everyone! Iíve been training for the Mount Diablo Challenge for the past couple months, basically riding up as many hills as possible, and making a special effort to find long hills with similar gradient. Iíve been riding hills in the foothills nearby, and I have had one training ride on Mount Diablo itself. I plan on riding a 29Ē wheel with 125mm cranks for the race.

Iíve found that the long duration climb (Mt. Diablo is 11.2 miles to the summit) is a much different animal than the steep, short climbs Iím more used to. I canít just mash up this hill and expect my momentum to carry me through; my lungs would fall out halfway through the first section.

I summited the mountain in 2 hours and 25 minutes on my dry run, but this required more than 10 stops along the way to catch my breath. I would love to cut down on the number of rest stops, but how do I maintain enough momentum to keep moving, yet slow enough that I donít max out my V02? Iím wondering if there is some technique that Iím missing, or do I just need to keep working on my endurance?
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