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Originally Posted by Catsmeat View Post
Reasons I think this might be a bad idea are that 1) I'm AWFUL at mounting with my left foot and it might not be worth taking the time to learn, and 2) The walking time gives my legs, which are very sore, a little break from the hard work. Meh. What do you think?
Yesterday I UPD'ed while having a female passenger aboard, so the unexpected and heavier force on my foot caused some minor injury, making dismounts unpleasant at the moment.

So yes, mounting with your non-dominant foot will give you the control it also takes to dismount with your other foot, it would be useful in case your dominant foot can't stand too much force.

Since you complain about sore legs I still think you should learn, but maybe a later -more convenient- stage, when you feel ready for it. It's a level 2 skill, so not too difficult.
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