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Originally Posted by Catsmeat View Post
I'm pretty much free of the wall now, except for using it to mount. Went 50+ feet a few times tonight without touching it or leaning toward it. UPDs have drastically increased, but that's to be expected. I think the ideal thing now would be to find a place with no wall, just a tree/lightpost/pillar to use for mounting, so that there's no "evil magnet" to tempt me.
I've been practicing on a parking lot close by. The lampposts are out of reach, because of bushes, but I simply held on to my car and then try to cycle away from it. Just be careful not to kick away the uni against your car when you lose your balance. I got a nice scratch on the side of it. Then as soon as you get the hang of cycling a bit, focus on free-mounting, which I did in my third week.
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